Week 37 (Shlach L’ Kha, Numbers 13:1-15:41)


Satan, the adversary, is referred to in scripture as The Father of Lies.  In the ancient days of spying out of the land of milk and honey, the physical evidence of all of Adonai’s promises was clearly apparent to the Tribal leaders of Isra’el.  The only area where the enemy could lie to the leaders of Isra’el was in forecasting some future battle result in their minds.  This is how the schemes of the enemy are orchestrated!  We hear things like; you are alone in this; you are too insignificant and weak to accomplish this; you don’t know what you are doing; God is smaller than this Giant that lies in wait in the earth, to conquer you.  LIES!

This is the Lesson of the Giant that LIES in the Earth.  If we are honest, we will admit that we have all believed gigantic lies in our own minds.  It is part of our faith journey to take the lies captive, like the Nation of Isra’el was commanded to take the nations occupying the Covenant Land captive.  We are to take our thoughts captive, like prisoners of war, tying the unholy hands behind the backs of our captives, to march them directly before Adonai to be judged; TRUTH OR LIE?  Who REIGNS on the throne of our lives?  Like Caleb and Joshua, we must elevate Adonai in our battles, coming under His holy banner to proclaim victory for the Kingdom of God.  THIS IS WAR!

This is the Lesson of the Giant that LIES in the Earth.  Only our God is of GIANT proportions. Only our God can shake the mountains, crack open the earth with quaking, rain hail-fire in judgement, call forth tsunamis to split the Red Sea, and cause the sun and moon to go dark.  Therefore, be emboldened dear seeker.  BELIEVE THE WORD OF GOD! 

With our God, all things are possible!  With His giant presence on the throne of our lives, may we eat our little giants each day, and just like Caleb promised the Nation of Isra’el, may we be made stronger under the magnificent banner of our Lord.  Each victory, by the renewing of our minds, strengthens us for the ongoing spiritual battle as described in the book of Ephesians; “For we are not struggling against human beings, but against the rulers, authorities and cosmic powers governing this darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realm.”  (Ephesians 6:12 CJB)


When we believe God is the same yesterday, today, and forever, as we read the supernatural stories of the God of Isra’el throughout the Bible, we cannot help but be drawn into HIS truth!  OMNICIENT! OMNIPRESENT! OMNIPOTENT!  The promises of our Lord throughout His word are achievable!  Moreover, they are to be anticipated with zeal, for our God reigns!  May He truly reign in our hearts, and on this Sabbath, may we take a deep, spiritual breath; breathing out all unbelief or lies hidden deeply there, and breathe IN His goodness. His TRUTH is our weapon of warfare!

Shabbat Shalom, dear SEEKERS!



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