Week 36 ~ B’Ha’Alotkha (When You Set Up)

(Numbers 8:1-12:16)

This is the Lesson of the Graves of those who Craved.

We read in the Torah Portion (Parashah) how the mixed multitude living on the fringes of the encampment were heard crying and complaining for an easier life. We read how the Elders had become interspersed within the mixed multitude who were on the fringes of society of the Nation of Israel. The mixed multitude were not Hebrew, but were a mixture of Egyptians and other cultures who escaped with the Nation of Israel from Pharaoh, through the parting of the Red Sea. The mixed multitude, on the fringes of the encampment, became a voice imitated by the Elders. The Elders then cultivated a spirit of discontent into the Nation. Complaining and negativity is contagious. Like a plague, it spreads from one person to the next quickly, like a flash fire. As groans of discontent and craving spread, it brings the strange fire of destruction into a community.

This is the Lesson of the Graves of those who Craved.

The culture of the day will be manipulated by fearful reports, discontent, and groanings of the multitude who find life just too hard, and those who desire to be taken care of by the Pharaoh-of-the-day, verses advancing into their own destiny. There may be a giant to slay!

This, dear seeker, is exactly where our culture is in this moment of our own progressive history! The vocal complainers, whiners and naysayers are living, moment by moment, on the path of least resistance. They crave what satisfies in the moment, instead of craving what will make their life worth living, bringing eternal impact from a life worth imitating.

This is the Lesson of the Graves of those who Craved.

In His sovereignty, Adonai will give us what we crave. We must be discerning, taking our thoughts captive, for our thoughts are filtered through the fringes of society, where fear and lack of wisdom abound. It is in relationship with the Beloved, that iron sharpens iron! (Proverbs 27:17)

We strengthen one another within a community of believers, craving a dynamic and growing relationship with the Lord. May our craving be for Adonai and bring us the crown of life. May our lives be worthy of imitation, leading others into His glorious light. May our light so shine as to burn brighter than the neon signs of discontent within our own nation.

We see in God’s history book how social discontent was common, and spread like an unholy fire. May we learn from His wilderness lessons. Hide them in your heart deer seeker! We are called to step to the beat of a different drummer. We are called by the sound of the Shofar which is a call from God upon our lives. Arise now, and shine!

On this Shabbat evening, visualize the scene from the Sinai desert of a glut of quail so thick, and so apparently sent from heaven, to appease the discontent and craving for a foreign meat, not of the Lord’s choosing! We learn in this portion of the ancient stories told for our understanding today, that the Lord hears our cries of discontent and at times, WILL give us what we are craving, and in a way that will turn our desire to disgust, once and for all! What a lesson! What a Father! What a blessing! He loves us enough to teach and train us in His ways. On this blessed Sabbath night, give all of your desires and feelings of discontent to Him, and ask for His best, whatever that might look like. Be humble and pliable enough to accept His tenderest desires for your life. This is the Shabbat lesson, the lesson of the Manna!
Why crave from the world, or from your past, things which are not ordained from the ONE who gave HIS all for your life! Live abundantly, and simply, in His will.

Shabbat Shalom!



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