(Exodus 27:20-30:10) Week 20

 TETZAVEH: “You shall order”

KOHEN, KOHENIM:  Priest, Priesthood

The main function of the Priesthood was to serve the Lord, according to His instructions.

KOHEN GADOL:  The High Priest

The High Priestly Line was from the Tribe of LEVI.  The Levitical Priests made the Korban Chata’at: The sin offerings for the Nation of Israel.

MENORAH:  The Perpetual Lamp in the Tabernacle

The Menorah is a Symbol of the Ruach Ha Kodesh or the Holy Spirit. 

NER MA’ARAVI:  The western-most lamp on the Menorah served as the Shamash or Servant Candle, lighting from the right to left.  (Hebrew is read from right to left)


Only the first drops of each olive were used as first fruits oil because of its purity. This is the FIRST PRESS!

AVODAH:  Holy service

KORBAN CHATA’AT: The Sin Offering

BIGDEI KEHUNA: Priestly Garments

Only descendants of Aaron touched the priestly garments of finest, white linen; symbolizing the Messiah’s righteousness.

  • Kutonet: Full length tunic (long shirt)
  • Michnasayim: Undergarments (short pants)
  • Migba’at: Band of white linen wound into a pointed turban for the head
  • Avnet: The 60-foot-long sash wrapped around and around, above the waist

 The High Priestly or Kohen Gadol garments had 4 extra pieces:

  • Ephod: Apron garment of linen, with blue, purple and red dyed wool with gold threads
  • Choshen Mishpat: Breastplate with 12 precious stones that were etched with the 12 names of the tribes of Israel
  • Me’il Techelet: Robe of blue wool, with golden bells and stitched needlework of pomegranates on the hem
  • Tzitz: Golden headband inscribed “Holy to the Lord” (Kodesh la Adonai)

AVNEI CHOSHEN: The 12 Gemstones representing the 12 Tribes of Israel

URIM TUMMIN: 2 special Gemstones (lights and perfection) used to discern the will of God in judging cases, hidden in the Choshen garment of the Kohen Gadol.  It is said the Shekinah would shine on the 2 special gemstones, lighting them, casting light onto the lettering of the 12 Gemstones of the 12 Tribes of Israel, spelling out the answer to the judgement question.

Tribal Identification of Gemstones:

Reuben (Ruby) Simeon (Topaz) Levi (Garfinkle) Judah (Carbuncle)

Issachar (Sapphire) Zebulun (Pearl) Dan (Jacinth) Naphtali (Agate) Gad (Crystal)

Asher (Emerald) Joseph (Onyx) Benjamin (Yashneh, an unknown stone today)

Ex 28:41

Clothe your brother Aaron and his sons.  Anoint them, inaugurate them, and consecrate them so they will be able to serve me in the office of Cohen.

Anoint:  To anoint with Olive Oil represented the indwelling by the Ruach Ha Kodesh

Inaugurate: A Military term: Commission into service.

Consecrate:  Purify, Sanctify

 Exodus 29 1-28 describes the order of sanctification of the priesthood

  • Washing, cleansing (Washing OFF all that was impure)
  • Putting ON the garments of Holiness of the Priesthood
  • Anointing with oil was to bless and set apart as Holy
  • Laying on of hands on the sacrificial animals was the transference of sin
  • The slaughter and sacrifice of the spotless sin offering
  • The anointing by blood (lobe of right ear, thumb of right hand, big toe of right foot)
  • The mixing of olive oil and blood splashed upon the priestly robes

Blood Anointing of Right Ear LobeThe RIGHT hand of God is a symbol of HIS POWER. The right side is a symbol of divine power.  By anointing the right ear of the priests by Moshe, they were blessed with the guilt offering blood of atonement, the symbol of Messiah applied to their ears, blessing their hearing of the Lord and His instructions.

Blood anointing of Right Thumb:  The Hand is a symbol of worship and service to the Lord.  The right hand as described above is the symbol of the divine power of the Lord God Almighty. Anointing the right thumb of the priests with the powerful blood of the guilt offering, a symbol of the powerful blood of Yeshua, to bless the priestly service.

Blood anointing of Right Toe: The foot is the symbol of our walk or Halakha with the Lord.  How beautiful to anoint with the blood of the sin offering (Korban Chata’at) on the right big toe of the priests.  Without the big toe our walk is unstable!  By anointing the big toe of the right foot, the walk of the priests through the tabernacle as they made their Avodah or Holy Service to the Lord would be firm, stable, and covered in the atonement of the sacrifice for themselves and the Nation of Israel.

The Holy Service or Avodah of the Priests focused on Tabernacle Service and Worship of ADONAI.  This also included bringing the Nation of Israel into the presence of God’s brilliant light!  Priests were the intermediaries between a sinful Nation and a Holy God!  This is the most prominent foreshadowing of Yeshua as our eternal Cohen Gadol; or Great Hight Priest who intercedes and mediates the New Covenant, from the throne room in heaven!  

Oh, how we love your word, Adonai!  How simple and beautiful it is discerned in the light of your Menorah, the Ruach Ha Kodesh.  How incomprehensible that you call us into your Nation of Priests!  May you consecrate, inaugurate, and appoint us to worthy service, anointing us in the blood of our living Lord, Yeshua!  May we serve you in joy, because of the abundance of your love.  Sydney

 HAFTARAH (Old Covenant) READING: Ez. 43:10-17

“You, human being, describe this house to the house of Israel, so that they will be ashamed of their crimes.  And let them measure accurately.  If they become ashamed of all they have done, show them the elevation and plan of the house, its exits and entrances, all the details and decorations, and all its specifications, its design and its Torah. Sketch it out for them to see so they can observe the entire design with its specifications and carry them out.  This is Torah for the house; the whole surrounding area on the mountaintop will be especially holy.  This is Torah for the house.” 10-12

Dear friends, this is a description of the Messianic Temple of the Messiah and the dedication of the Temple in the Messianic Age or Olam Haba ~ World to Come.  This will be a Temple built in love, and King Jesus who sits on this throne will rule justly!  This is the Temple not built by the hands of men!  This is the Temple of the Lord!  Yeshua Ha Massiache will reign as King of Kings and Lord of Lords, from ZION.

 BRIT CHADASHAH (New Covenant) READING: Heb. 13:10-17

“We have an altar from which those who serve in the Tent are not permitted to eat.  For the Kohen Hagadol brings the blood of animals into the Holiest Place as a sin offering, but their bodies are burned outside the camp.  So too Yeshua suffered death outside the gate, in order to make the people Holy through his own blood.  Therefore, let us go out, to him who is outside the camp, and share his disgrace.  For we have no permanent city here; on the contrary we seek the one to come.  Through Him, therefore, let us offer God a sacrifice of praise continually. 

For this is the natural product of lips that acknowledge his name.  But don’t forget doing good and sharing with others, for with such sacrifices God is well pleased.  Obey your leaders and submit to them, for they keep watch over your lives, as people who will have to render an account.  So, make it a task of joy for them, not one of groaning; for that is of no advantage to you.” 13:10-17

This is a beautiful admonition to remember the order of the priesthood.  The explanation that the blood atonement for a ‘sin offering’ or Korban Chata’at was brought into the Holy Place in the Temple, but the body of the sacrifice was taken outside the city and burned there.

Like this, as the shadow of Yeshua’s sacrificial atonement, he suffered death outside the city gates, so therefore may we suffer like He did and join Him outside the gate to share in His disgrace.

May we walk (Halakha) humbly and justly with Adonai all the days of our lives.


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