(Genesis 41:1-44:17) Week 10

MIKETZ:  At the end of (2 years since the wine steward was freed from prison, gives context to the timing)

CHALOM:  Dreams (Joseph had dreams as a boy, interpreted dreams for Pharaoh, and in prison for servants of the court)

TZAFNAT PA’ NEACH:  Code or Secret Breaker (Joseph’s name from Pharaoh)

ASENATH:   Peril or Misfortune (Joseph’s wife was given to him by Pharaoh.  She was the daughter of an Egyptian priest — a Gentile)

MANNESSAH:   Forgetting (Joseph’s first-born son who made Joseph forget his pain of the past)

EPHRAIM: Fruitfulness (Joseph’s second-born son by Asenath)

BEN: Son of…

JOSEPH: May he add ~ May he increase

PHARAOH: Means “Great House” not the name of a King or Ruler until the 10th Century BC.  Chronology places Joseph’s life during the historical reign of Amenemhet II or Senusret II or III in the first quarter of the second Millennium.

The King of Pharaoh would have been considered DIVINE and in NO NEED of Dream Interpretation.  (NIV Historical Bible)


  1. Joseph was considered a Hebrew and was set apart from the Egyptian culture, even at meals.
  2. Joseph was trusted by Pharaoh, as if he was the firstborn son of the King.
  3. Joseph is a foreshadow of Yeshua Ha Mashiach in the Torah…see below*
  4. Joseph continued to move forward in life, from glory to glory…not looking BACK but looking UP!
  5. Joseph waited on the Lord in all the areas of life that would have been considered pits of despair!
  6. Joseph waited to be reunited with his family. He never went BACK on his own accord.
  7. Joseph served in prison for 12 years before being freed by Pharaoh to discern his dreams.
  8. Joseph’s Hebrew ways were a testament to Adonai’s abiding presence in his life.
  9. Joseph rushed to give God the glory, as he advanced. He was the suffering servant of the Lord!
  10. Joseph’s contending with his brothers was a way to discern the current state of their hearts. (Had they been changed by the circumstances in the family and by ADONAI?)
  11. When Joseph wept after hearing the brothers speak in Hebrew of their shame about his harsh treatment by them proves we do not have to forget to forgive!
  12. Benjamin was Joseph’s only full biological brother and had a special place in his heart. (Notice Jacob sent Joseph FORTH but held Benjamin BACK!)
  13. Joseph continued to ask the estranged brothers about their father Jacob’s well-being. This shows that Joseph never FORGOT his family, but released them to the Glory of God until the appointed time which God ordained for him to see them again.
  14. The world-wide famine of that time is recorded from archeological evidence of the existence of a very special “Viceroy” appointed by the Pharaoh of the 5th Dynasty; who assisted Pharaoh in implementing the plan of 7 years of plenty and 7 years of famine. (Joseph!)


The Two Views of Mashiach as Israel’s Deliverer:

  • Messiah Ben Joseph (all the parallel examples of the suffering servanthood of Joseph and Jesus)
  • Messiah Ben David (all the powerful, pre-eminence of King Jesus, born from the Davidic Line, who will return to redeem Israel, and rule as King of King and Lord of Lords!  

Joseph prefigured Jesus as the suffering savior.  King David prefigured King Jesus, who will reign justly in the New Jerusalem!  

Joseph prefigured Jesus the Messiah:

  1. Both were Shepherds
  2. Both revealed the future
  3. Both beloved of their Father
  4. Both anointed by their Father
  5. Both sent FORTH by their Father
  6. Both were hated by their brothers
  7. Both held in disbelief by their brothers
  8. Both were refused their ‘Rule’ by their brothers
  9. Both were viewed in jealousy by their brothers
  10. Both were conspired against to be murdered
  11. Both were stripped of their ‘robes’
  12. Both were cast into a pit
  13. Both were sold for shekels of silver (Joseph 20, Jesus 30)
  14. Brothers of both men ate, while they suffered
  15. Both were RAISED from the PIT
  16. Both were made slaves
  17. Both were taken to Egypt and their lives spared
  18. Both their robes were covered in blood: Joseph’s covered in goat blood, Jesus was the scape goat and his robe covered in his own blood for all mankind!
  19. Both were filled with the Spirit of God
  20. Both were made ‘Overseer’ by their father
  21. Both were falsely accused
  22. Neither made a DEFENSE for themselves
  23. Both were imprisoned with TWO OTHERS
  24. Both were exalted over all the earth
  25. Both were given Gentile Brides
  26. Both fulfilled ‘bread giver’ to the world
  27. Both were around 30 years old at the start of their anointed ministry
  28. Both have been ‘revealed’ as the one who saved
  29. Both were ‘Saviors’
  30. Both came BACK from death
  31. Both redeemed Israel
  32. Both were finally crowned with glory and honor

HAFTARAH (Old Covenant) READING:  1 Kings 3:15-4:1

King Solomon, elevated as King of Israel, a type of Mashiach as ben Elohim, dreams of being asked by God what gift he would most want, and he chose wisdom.  Then, the story of the two prostitutes fighting over one baby that both claimed to be theirs!

Solomon’s wisdom is of the heart as he discerned the heart of a mother for her own precious child.  Solomon was given a supernatural wisdom not just based on law, but based on the eyes of the heart for humanity, and on the knowledge of God’s Mitzvot and Pre-Eminence!

For the Lord gives wisdom… Prov. 2:6

BRIT CHADASHAH (New Covenant) READING: Romans 10:1-13

These verses in Romans tell of the Apostle Paul’s deep longing to see all of Israel come to the saving knowledge and faith in Yeshua the Messiah, Savior of the world, who will one day rule and reign in a Temple not made by men!  The ‘New Jerusalem’ will come down from heaven, having been built by the Lord God Almighty and prepared for King Jesus and his Millennial reign as King of Kings and Lord and Lords; the Lion of JUDAH!

Pray for the Father’s Kingdom to come, and His will to be done, on earth as it is in heaven!  


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