(Genesis 25:19-28:0) Week 6

 TOLDOT: Meaning ‘Generations’ or ‘History’… this is the generational story of Abraham’s descendants who would usher in the Covenant Promises from Adonai to Abraham.

ISAAC:  Meaning ‘Laughing’

JACOB: Meaning ‘Supplanter’, from the Hebrew root meaning ‘heel’

ESAU:  Meaning ‘Hairy’ (Esau was born with red hair all over his body)

EDOM: Meaning ‘RED’

REBEKAH:  Rivka Meaning:  Captivating ~ Knotted Cord ~ She Knows

AKAR: Meaning ‘Barren’… Hebraically meaning: Uprooted ~ Stripped of the family ~ Cursed

(In ancient times being barren was considered more than a condition, it was a curse)

SHIVA: Meaning ‘Oath’

BEER-SHIVA:  MeaningWell of Oath’

KABAD: “Honor”… In Hebrew, to honor means TO GIVE WEIGHT TO!

A Husband’s Prayers:  After 20 years of waiting for a child, Isaac prayed to Adonai on behalf of his wife…and she conceived.

(Does Adonai wait for the intercession from our husbands to bless us?)

Rebekah prays to God:  During her difficult pregnancy Adonai reveals that Rebekah has twins in her womb who will become two rival nations.

Rebekah hears from God:  According to Adonai, the older would serve the younger. Rebecca never forgets Adonai’s prophecy that the younger will gain the blessing of the first-born.

(The firstborn son in ancient times would be the Spiritual Leader or Priest of the family, but Esau discounted the importance of the blessing)

Rebecca’s twin sons were polar opposites and both had the favor of the opposite Parent! 

Nothing redeeming comes from favoritism within a family!

Esau: Outdoorsman / Hunter / Impulsive / Short-sighted / Man’s Man / favorite of his father

Jacob:  Tent Dweller / Quiet / Thoughtful / favorite of his mother

 Esau’s Impulsiveness:  Esau impulsively agreed to trade his first-born birthright to Jacob for a bowl of red stew upon returning from a tiresome hunting expedition.  Esau did not honor or give weight to the importance of his position as the firstborn son which carried with it the Priesthood for the family, nor to the Covenant promises made by Adonai to grandfather Abraham.

Jacob’s Discernment:  Jacob, the thoughtful one, initiates the sale of the birthright, fully trusting Esau’s physical hunger to overwhelm his discernment.  Jacob would gain the first – born blessing over Esau with the simple temptation of a bowl of red stew.

The Favor of Adonai:  We see the favor of Adonai on the life of Isaac, as God leads him out of a land of famine in Canaan, and into the land of the Philistines.  He is blessed in all his ways to the point of intimidating Abimelech who asks him to ‘please move away’ as he sees the favor of Adonai upon Isaac, which terrified Abimelech.

The War of Water Rights:  The Middle East is a desert, and Canaan an Oasis in the desert. Water rights are more important than anything else in the desert.

Yitzchak prepared a banquet:   To make a pact or covenant between two people or two nations, an animal sacrifice was necessary.  The banquet was prepared to promote the peace pact between Isaac and Abimelech.  It was customary to sacrifice an animal and prepare a meal to share, in order to SEAL the DEAL.

This is called “The Covenant Meal”.

The Marriage Supper of the Lamb:  Consider the Marriage Supper of the Lamb as the most important Covenant Meal which we as His Saints will share with Yeshua Ha Mashiach after the Rapture of the Church, in heaven with Him.

Isaac’s instruction to Esau:  Isaac did not share with Rebecca (she overheard) the plan to send Esau for game, and eat of the “covenant meal” with Esau, sealing the blessing of the first born with Esau.  Was Isaac manipulative in this plan to bless Esau? 

Consider the RED STEW made by Jacob for Esau!  Esau KNEW of this custom, yet in his passion for his physical – temporal hunger, he ATE the covenantal stew made by his brother as a seal of the agreement to sell his birthright. 

The story thickens…just like the stew!

Rebecca’s Intervention:  Rebecca had been given prophetic revelation by Adonai, that Jacob was the chosen one to receive the first-born blessing. This was a Covenantal promise from Adonai to Rebecca, then from Rebecca to Jacob. She heard, by accident, or by heavenly providence, that Isaac instructed Esau to go bring back game for a meal in order that he might bless Esau with the first-born blessing!  (The slaying of an animal and sharing the meal seals the deal!)

Discussion questions:

  1. Was this Rivka’s SCHEME…or Rivka’s FAITH in the promise of Adonai?
  2. What family dynamics brought forth the sibling rivalry that became generational division?
  3. Do you agree the relationship between the twins began Anti-Semitism which has reached dangerous levels at this moment in time, since October 7, 2023!  
  4. Consider the FEAR of the FAVOR of GOD by Abimelech. We see this throughout Torah, from Pharaoh to the slaying of the Philistine giant Goliath, by David!

HAFTARAH (Old Covenant) READING:  Mal. 1: 1-2:7

Malachi meaning my messenger, was one of the last Hebrew prophets to serve the Lord during the Second Temple Period.

The explanation of Esau’s lack of regard for his ‘first born’ blessing, meant the lack of regard for the priesthood.

In spite of this, Adonai continued to bless and care for Israel, to provide for the Covenant Land of Israel, and to allow the rebuilding of the Temple and re-institution of the Levitical Priesthood.

These verses speak of Adonai’s love for Israel and His sovereign plans regarding His covenant to Abraham.  These verses illuminate the lament of the Lord, for the cold and legalistic service or Avodah, of the Priesthood.

“What weariness this is” the Lord laments, regarding the loveless service to Him, Not of the HEART but out of legalistic duty.

“Then you will know that I sent you this command to affirm my covenant with Levi, says Adonai-Tzva’ot. (Holy One of Israel) My covenant with him was one of life and peace, and I gave him these things.  It was also one of fear and he feared me; he was in awe of my name.  The true Torah was in his mouth and no dishonesty was found on his lips; he walked with me in peace and uprightness and turned many away from sin.  A Cohen’s lips should safeguard knowledge and people should seek Torah from his mouth because he is the messenger of Adonai-Tzva’ot.”

BRIT CHADASHAH (New Covenant) READING:  Rom. 9: 1-31

“For not everyone from Israel is truly part of Israel; indeed, not all the descendants are seed of Abraham, rather,What is to be called your seed will be in Isaac.’  In other words, it is not the physical children who are children of God, but the children the promise refers to who are considered seed.”

“For this is what the promise said: At the time set, I will come, and Sarah will have a son.’ And even more to the point is the case of Rebecca, for both her children were conceived in a single act with Isaac, our father; and before they were born, before they had done anything at all, either good or bad (so God’s plan might remain a matter of his sovereign choice) not dependent on what they did, but on God, who does the calling”, it was said to her,The older will serve the younger’.

Consider:  Adonai’s sovereign plan to bless all the Nations of earth, by Israel’s rejection of Yeshua the Messiah, so that by them the whole world will be blessed!

Baruch Hashem!


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