Recommended Resources

Recommended Reading ~

Abrahamson, Dave—52 Hebrew Words Every Christian Should Know
Published by: Christian Arts and Gifts, Bloomingdale, IL 2018

Ariel, Gidon and Bob O’dell—Israel First!
Published by: Root Source Press, Hevron 90420 Israel 2015

Ariel, Gidon and Bob O’dell—Five Years with Orthodox Jews: How Connecting with God’s People Unlocks
Understanding of God’s Word,
Published by: Root Source Press, Ma’ale Hever, DN Har Hebron 90420 Israel 2020 by Root Source LTD

Cahn, Johnathon—The Book of Mysteries
Published by: Charisma Media/Charisma House Book Group, Lake Mary FL 2016–2018

Heidler, Linda and Chuck Pierce—The Apostolic Woman!
Published by: Glory of Zion International, Denton, TX 2018

Hewitt, Sydney – The Tapestry of Torah: Lessons from the Wilderness
Published by: Christian Faith Publishing, Meadville, PA 16335

Heidler, Robert and Chuck Pierce—A Triumphant Kingdom
Published by: Glory of Zion International, Denton, TX 2019

Lode, Britt—The Light from Zion
Published by: Oljetreet Publishing, Norway 2016; Co-Publisher:

Parsons, John J.—A Year through the Torah: A Journey for Christians
Published by: Hebrew Heart Publications, Scottsdale AZ 2008

Pierce, Chuck D.—A Time to Advance
Published by: Glory of Zion International, Denton, TX 2011

Stern, David H.—The Complete Jewish Study Bible
Published by: Hendrickson Publishers Marketing, LLC, Peabody, Massachusetts 2016

Tverberg, Lois—Walking in the Dust of Rabbi Jesus
Published by: Zondervan, Grand Rapids, MI 2012

Recommended Web-Based Resources ~

Aleph  Enjoy learning Torah from Aleph Beta videos each week that help bring the stories of the
Torah alive, making them relevant for your life today ( is the leading Jewish content website with an average of 1,000,000 plus monthly user
sessions and 260,000 unique e-mail subscribers. We’ve published over twenty-five thousand articles and videos
on current events, spirituality and personal growth, dating, marriage and parenting, Israeli perspectives, and
weekly Torah portion and holidays, offering meaningful Jewish wisdom and insights for the modern world

Hebrew for  Learn the language of the kingdom! Here you will have access to the basic Hebrew
language of the Bible, weekly lessons on the Torah portion with a messianic perspective, and teachings on the
calendar of the holy Times of the Lord, or the Moed’im, and how Christians can embrace this part of their faith as
the Lord commands (