(Numbers 22:2-25:9) Week 40

BALAKSon of Tzippor, one of the sons of Lot’s daughters.  

BALAAM: An occult Seer hired to curse Israel (Considered one of Israel’s greatest enemies and a mad-man and corrupter of the people!)

He was descended from the devious Laban, from Genesis 31!

KISHUF:  Occult Magic Practices

AHARIT HAYAMIM: The End of Daysreferring to the lead up to, and The Great Tribulation.

KOCHAB: Star…God’s promise to make Abraham’s seed as the stars in the heavens.  Gen. 15:5; 22:17

BAAL WORSHIP:  Crowds gathered on high places to look down on the sacrifice of their own babies by fire, to the god of Molech, including witnessing occult sexual perversion, phallic worship by men and women in groups, with audience participation.

BALAK SOUGHT BALAAMBalak hoped Balaam’s curses would manipulate Adonai to curse Israel; recanting the Covenant He had made with Abraham.

The Two Sons of Incest:  The two daughters of Lot escaped the destruction of Sodom (translated to burn) and Gomorrah translated (to be submerged) hiding in a cave where they seduced their drunken father Lot; becoming pregnant with 2 sons, who became the fathers of 2 nations; Moab and Ammon.

The delicious Irony of the Lord and the Daughters of Lot:

Consider the story of Lot’s home and the offer of his two daughters to the sexual perverts of the day who were banging down his door in order to corrupt the Angels!  Lot would have abandoned his daughters to their debauchery. The girls had no faith or respect for Lot.  They made him drunk and seduced him against his will.  They seduced their own father. 

Sin is progressive!!

The enemy of my enemy is my friend:  The unholy alliance of Moab and Midian presented a strong front to stand against the Amorites!  This was based on Israel’s solid defeat of the Amorites. Midian was where Moses lived during the shepherding years with father-in-law, Jethro.

The delicious Irony of the Lord!  Balaam knew enough about the God of Israel to resist the first few invitations from Balak’s friends to go forth to curse the Nation of Israel. As he travels on his way his donkey is given eyes to see the Angel the Lord, sent to block the journey of malediction, meaning evil words. The little donkey crushed Balak into a stone wall and berated him.

Curses turn into blessings:  As Balaam recovers from the donkey incident the Lord allows him to continue only IF he repeats the words from the Lord as commanded.  The 3 vantage points for the cursing of Israel turn into words of BLESSINGS over ISRAEL.  The third vantage point was the summit of Mt. Peor, the place where Baal worship was performed.  The third blessing not only blessed Israel, but cursed her ENEMIES, at Baal, Pisgah, and Peor.

Evil WORDS lead to Evil ACTIONS:  When Balaam could not succeed to weaken Israel with curses, he orchestrated a PHYSICAL MANIFESTATION of Baal Worship!  Older Moab women lured Israel into Baal Worship, a final CURSE on the NATION! The use of elderly females at the entrance to tents which were filled with Occult Prostitutes were a seemingly innocent LURE! Idol worship brought punishment upon the nation!  Balaam KNEW this!

The Lesson of the Lure:  Consider the Lesson of the Lure of the Culture of the Day.  Baal Worship was rampant.  This was Sodom and Gomorrah’s Culture of the Day!

Satan will place the ‘look of innocence’ at the opening to a DOOR of Temptation!  There will be a lure of crowds participating, there will be many voices and much chaos!

Picture, for instance, the annual Super Bowl Half-Time shows as of the last several years.  The lure of profanity and sexual explicitness is on display for millions to see with little children at the foot of their parent’s televisions.  Baal Worship is alive and well!

ZIMRI: A high-ranking Israelite was tempted, and took a Midianite princess into a tent set up near the holy Tabernacle.  Consider that Baal Worship Tents were set up near the Holiest place!  Balaam and Balak orchestrated this temptation to CURSE the Nation of Israel through their own sin.

Do you SEE similarities between this story and America today?

  • Who is acting out as our Balak? Who is acting out as our Balaam?
  • What orchestrated temptations are pulling America and the Church into false worship, perversion, lies and deception? This is a Parashah of WARNING!
  • Our Lives Matter! The lesson of Phineas is for us in these days.
  • Will our lives produce children and grandchildren full of the ZEAL for the Lord?

The grandson of Aaron took up a spear and impaled both ZIMRI and the Midianite princess, thus the plague which raged in the Nation of Israel was “stayed”.

Meditate upon Aaron the first High Priest, in his obedience, humility, worshipful ways, and his faithfulness to YHVH in the Tabernacle, maintaining the sacrificial system which cleansed Israel.  His grandson Phineas, had a ZEAL for the Lord and a ZEAL to defend the good name of Adonai, and His Mitzvot! Phineas did not pause, hesitate, or debate the issue at hand.  He acted in behalf of the honor of the Lord!

His actions brought LIFE even though two people died in the process.  The bearers of DEATH into the Nation of Israel were killed in order to bring LIFE back into the presence of Israel as a nation.  The children of the LIGHT had to be brought out of the darkness of the experience of Baal Worship.  Israel’s first encounter with Canaanite Baal Worship brought forth 24,000 deaths!

HAFTARAH (Old Covenant) READING (Prophetic Scriptures): Micah 5:6-6:8

Micah was one of 12 Prophets whom Adonai anointed to call the Nation of Israel into TESHUVA, meaning repentance!

Micah speaks the prophetic word of the Lord regarding the “Acharit Hayamim” or End of Days!

He speaks of the survivors of the Great Tribulation and the battle of Armageddon.  The survivors will be the blessed REMNANT of God’s creation of humanity, and will be saved by Yeshua who will reign as Pre-Eminent King of Kings over all the earth!  Our Lion of Judah will be our conquering warrior.  Every eye shall see and every tongue confess, Jesus the Messiah is KING!

This prophet reminds Israel that the Lord has done great things and admonishes them to return to Adonai!

      This end times prophetic word is a Call to Arms for us, the Army of Adonai in these evil days!


Adonai says to Israel:   I will CUT OFF YOUR…horses, cities, sorceries, carved images, standing stones, and pull up your sacred poles from among you, and destroy your enemies.

“My people, just remember what Balak the king of Mo’av had planned what Bil’am, the son of B’or answered him, (and what happened) between Sheetim and Gilgal so that you will understand the saving deeds of Adonai.”

 BRIT CHADASHAH (New Covenant) READING (New Covenant Reading):  Romans 11:25-32

“A star has risen from Jacob”.  The Lord Yeshua our Mashiach who will banish ungodliness from Jacob”.

This prophecy is from the lips of Balaam, and speaks of the restoration of Israel during the Acharit Hayamim, when the King of Kings will reveal Himself to ALL people in His second coming!

Yes, Yeshua is coming BACK!

He will restore the Covenant Nation of Israel to Himself!  Israel will NOT receive Yeshua the Messiah until the Great Tribulation occurs; but she will cry out,

“Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord”  just as Jesus prophesied!

Baruch Haba B’Shem ADONAI!

Dear Seekers, please consider:

“For brothers, I want you to understand this truth which God formerly concealed but has now revealed, so that you won’t imagine you know more than you actually do.  It is that stoniness, to a degree, has come upon Israel, until the Gentile world enters in its fullness; and that it is in this way that all Israel will be saved.  As the Tanakh says,

“Out of Tziyon will come the Redeemer; he will turn away ungodliness from Ya’akov and this will be my covenant with them, when I take away their sins.”

With respect to the Good News, they are hated for your sake.  But with respect to being chosen they are loved for the Patriarchs’ sake, for God’s free gifts and his calling are irrevocable.  Just as you yourselves were disobedient to God before, but have received mercy now because of Isra’el’s disobedience, so also Isra’el has been disobedient now, so that by our showing them the same mercy that God has shown you, they too may now receive God’s mercy.  For God has shut up all mankind together in disobedience, in order that he might show mercy to all.” Rom 11:25-36










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