(Numbers 16:1-18:32) Week 38

KORACH:  To be bald, to shear, to uproot

MATTANOT:  The Priestly Gifts (Contributions from the Nation as payment for the Priest’s Avodah or Holy Service)

BIKKURIM: First Fruits Offerings

PIDYON BANIM:  Redemption of the first-born sons according to the command by ADONAI that the first from the womb belong to Him!

MA’ASER:  The first 10% of each farmer’s produce… REGULAR Tithe!

BRIT MELACH: The Covenant of SALT (salt preserves and keeps what it touches from decay…salt was a precious commodity in ancient days and was used as collateral)

CHAMETZ:  LEAVEN” is in opposition to SALT, which causes the acceleration of decay!


  • The Levites against Aaron: as the God-ordained first High Priest
  • Dathan and Abiram (sons of Eliab) against Moses: as the God-ordained deliverer of Israel
  • The Tribal chiefs against Aaron
  • The entire General Assembly of the Nation of Israel against Moses

What event birthed the rebellion of Korach?

It is written that AFTER the Sin of the Spies, Adonai sentenced a 40-year PAUSE in the journey to Canaan to allow the generation of the unfaithful to die off, in the wilderness.

The people REBELLED.

The people were bemoaning their fate, placing blame on the leadership of Moses and Aaron, instead of repenting for their refusal to TAKE the Promised Land!

 The 250 Rabble Rousers:

The ‘rabble rousers’ were easily pulled into the rebellious spirit of the 10 Tribal Leaders.  When there is Spiritual Anarchy the leaders surround themselves with a group who will easily follow their lead.  They need the force of MANY!

Ironically, when we see the Holy Fire of the RUACH blowing, it originates with one man or one woman who selectively surrounds themselves, if they do, with other believers to come along side to pray and walk out their faith with fear and trembling! (Consider the story of Esther!)

“Moses then fell on his face”Please consider WHY Moses fell on his face at the first mention of evil confrontation by Korach and 250 Leaders of Israel!

He was clearly outnumbered, but there are deeper things to consider:

Moses sought Adonai from his prostrate position, knowing intimately the POWER of Adonai, and that this gang of rebels would suffer the consequences of usurping Adonai’s appointments of the leadership for His Nation.  Moses fell on his face at the very thought of Adonai’s judgement upon the Nation of Israel!

Moses was utterly humble, NOT REVILING HIS REVILERS, but seeking the sovereign will of Adonai to settle this rebellion which was a Spiritual Anarchy!  By instructing each man to offer incense at the Holy of Holies (as we know, the most holy place behind the veil, where only the High Priest would enter once per year) Moses used the eyes of his heart to SEE that these rebels could easily be led astray in the Spiritual realmThey each knew better than to enter the Tabernacle, and the Holy of Holies!  Yet when Moses suggested they enter in with incense…as Nadav and Avihu had done the year before, it was if they thought they would be EXEMPT from the same fate!  Pride is a dangerous thing!

The rebellion continues escalating out of control after the fire from the Shekinah consumed all 250 men offering incense in the Holy of Holies.  The entire community rose UP against Moses and Aaron accusing them of bringing death and judgement upon the Nation of Israel.

In Aaron’s obedience and humility, he offered incense as a sacrifice for this sin of the people which brought forth a “physical plague”, which was an OUTWARD manifestation of the inward rebellion of the people.  Aaron ‘stayed’ the plague which had begun, by his sacrifice in their behalf to Adonai.

Aaron’s staff blossoms and bears fruit:  Midrash says that Aaron’s staff was placed in a position of neutrality, in the MIDDLE of all the others, and it blossomed and bore ripe almonds as an OUTWARD manifestation of the condition Aaron’s heart for Adonai, and for the people.  THIS IS BEAUTIFUL!

Consider the Midrash:  Moses fulfills the role of the Sacred Masculine, being the one closest to Adonai, carrying out the plans and visions of the Creator, and as protector and shepherd of the people!  Moses offered to give his life for the Nation of Israel.

Aaron, on the other hand, was anointed as High Priest who ministered in the Tabernacle.  It was Aaron who interceded, by the elements within the Tabernacle, for the sins of the nation and for his own family.  It was Aaron who obediently kept the lamps lit, the wicks trimmed, the laver full of clean water!  It was Aaron who obediently cleansed the vessels and cared for each element which represented the ‘dwelling place’ of the Most-High.

It was Aaron’s staff that budded with life!  Consider all this in relation to Aaron’s prescription from Adonai.  He represented the ‘Priestly Anointing’. 

See Aaron’s anointing as High Priest, as the Sacred Feminine role, created by Adonai!

This is beautiful!  This is Rabbinical Midrash, and it is a deep lesson for us.  Is the Spiritual Leader of our home experiencing the Shekinah Glory of the Lord daily?

Is he so close to Adonai that he is empowered to LEAD?

Are we, who have been given High Priestly duties of maintaining the Holy Dwelling Places of Adonai in our homes, as humble and faithful as Aaron?

Are we keeping our lamps FULL of the oil of the Spirit of God, our wicks trimmed with all that is used up and un-necessary, and is our dwelling place lit by the Holy Fire of the Spirit?  Is the altar prepared for sacrifice? Are the lavers full of cleansing bath water?  Is the Menorah lit 24/7?  Is the Showbread table polished and freshly laden with our VOLUNTARY SACRIFICE?

Is the incense pan filled with the fragrance of our prayers?   Are we offering our most priceless gifts each day?  What deep considerations! 

The Graves of those who Craved:  The Wilderness generation clamored, complained, resisted, rebelled, spoke Lashon Hara against their leadership, and were AFRAID of Adonai, but not with a sacred ‘Fear of the Lord’!  Rather they were afraid of HIS judgement of their sin, and dug their own graves once a year in case it was their time to die in the desert.

 HAFTARAH (Old Covenant) READING: 1 Samuel 11:14-12:22

Did you know that Samuel was a descendant of Kohath?  Israel demanded a King be appointed to lead the nation.  What a disrespectful request from the Nation of Israel, in the presence of Adonai’s cloud by day and His fire by night!

Samuel was bold in speaking to the nation, pointing out their sinful ways as the precursor for all their troubles.  Adonai allowed Saul to be appointed as King of the Nation even though it was a rejection of Adonai as KING!

Samuel boldly predicted to the nation that the new King would not solve their problems! 

God sees us from the INSIDE OUT!  He knows our hearts and the motivations of it.

Samuel encouraged Israel that even in the midst of their rebellious spirits, Adonai would not forsake them.

“For the sake of His great reputation, Adonai will not abandon His people; because it has pleased Adonai to make you a people for himself.  As for me far be it from me to sin against Adonai by ceasing to pray for you!” 1Sam. 12:23


 BRIT CHADASHAH (New Covenant) READING:  2 Timothy 2:8-21; Jude 1-25

According to the word, we are to honor and obey whom God has placed over us in authority!  We are to pay our taxes, uphold our position in the community, and actively SEEK to do good.

On the other hand, we are not commanded to obey a civil authority or law if it brings dishonor to God, His laws, His Word or Instruction!

We are obliged to STAND for what is honorable and virtuous, according to God’s instruction.

Any action which would bring desecration to the name of Adonai is NEVER to be performed or viewed with complicity.

If a governmental authority were to attempt to FORCE God’s people to dishonor our faith by sinning against God, we are to disobey a command to sin against God.

What does this interpretation of God’s word mean for us today regarding these hotly politicized topics on:

  • Abortion
  • LGBTQ in our school curriculums, leading our children into sexual confusion and sin such as with Gender Blurring and Gender Transition education!
  • Pedophilia legalization with laws describing this grave sin as ‘another type of love we must accept’.
  • The worship of Media, Hollywood, Actors, Sports Figures, Politicians, and the False Prophets of our day!
  • The desecration of the Name of God, His teachings, His Word, The Holy Spirit and the blaspheme of HIM in our American culture?
  • The persecution of believers for standing for our faith, God’s instruction in the Bible, and our refusal to assimilate into this present ~ growing darkness in our society?

Please consider the  many issues where temptations would confuse us into passive complicity…not STANDING for what is true according to biblical principles, or by allowing our children to be trained according to any teachings which are a rebellion against our faith in God and His biblical teachings. 



In light of the New Testament reading, what are some ideas for standing for the truth in the midst of our own culture’s permissive views on idol worship, murder, and sexual perversion?

Without meaningless arguing…

Standing faithfully as the Ecclesia, speaking truth, light and life, with gentleness and humility, using the Sword of the Word as our weapon of warfare! 


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