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“Hide me in the shadow of Your wings…In the shadow of Your wings I sing for joy.”

(Psalm 17:8b, 63:7b)

I jokingly declare that my happy place is in Bryan-College Station, the home of the Texas Aggies!  I have many happy memories at Kyle Field, in the company of one hundred-thousand other Aggies who experienced the joy and elation as our football team battled to victory!  I have shared many memorable Aggie times with wife Beth, my children, and many friends over the years.  I realized in those Aggie moments that there was nowhere else on earth I would rather be!  Perhaps some of you who subscribe to Sydney’s weekly Torah Lessons also find a sense of pride when people you do not personally know, triumph!  It’s as if their hard-fought victory hinges on your exploits in the stands, as you cheer them on to victory!

Fast forward with me to everyday life, where I know my happy place is at home with my wife Beth, in the comfort of my upstairs study! Our children and grandchildren live nearby, which makes for frequent and fun times, but it is in my study where I find peace, amidst my burgeoning bookshelves filled with a library of wonderful books, my ever increasing Aggie memorabilia, my comfy chair, and a large screen television.  I find relaxation there, and I feel at peace.  As I enter my upstairs office, I know the Lord will center me in His word!  It is by immersing in His word, that as an introvert by nature, I can also enjoy the beautiful, bustling outside world!  The joy of the Lord is my strength!

I cherish the amazing football elation at Kyle Field, as well as the warm comforts of home, because I know the love of the Lord!  It is because of my relationship with Jesus that I find His peace and joy, whether in the stands or in my comfy chair with God’s word at my fingertips. It is at His side that I feel safe. It is because of my perspective of each gifted day spent with Him, that I experience the joy of the Lord as my strength!  I can attest to the fact that with the Lord as the center of my life, my happy place can be ANYPLACE!

Guest Blogger Bio ~

Dr. Hank Campbell retired from Dentistry in 2020.  He and his wife, Beth enjoy their life lived in Carrollton, Texas where they are near to their children and grandchildren.  Hank shares that the written word of God, a cup of steaming coffee, and his comfy chair at sunrise is the way he begins each new day in the happiest of ways!

Thank you for sharing your Happy Place Hank, and for being the very first Guest Blogger for A Scribe for the Lord! 

Please let Sydney know if you would like to be a Guest Blogger like Hank!  Your stories matter!


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