D’VARIM – Week 44


(Deuteronomy 1:1-3:22)

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Dear friends, this week we enter Deuteronomy, the final book of TORAH, which is said to be an almost complete repetition of TORAH instruction.  It is considered a re-statement of the Covenant of the God of Israel to the Nation of Israel.  Why would the entire TORAH be repeated in the final 37 days of the life of their leader, Moses?  It is believed that ADONAI wanted the younger generation entering the Promised Land, without their parents and grandparents (who died in the desert due to their lack of faith) to be reminded of the blessings for obedience to ADONAI, and the cursing for rebelling against ADONAI.

This is the Lesson of the Sanctified Life.  When we consider the journey of the birth of the Nation of Israel in a prayerful immersion of study, we cannot but see our own lives.  As we grow closer to the Lord, His leading will take us out of the slavery of our past and into freedom.  This new-found freedom comes with an invitation to get to know Him more.  In our desire to draw near and learn of Him, we will be expected to cross many rivers into unknown territory.  We will advance into the hill country, where the views are obstructed.  Hills and valleys build faith!

This is the Lesson of the Sanctified Life.  The twelve tribes of Israel were commanded to advance into their inheritance.  Their Father in Heaven expressed through Moses, “You have gone around this same mountain enough times now.  It is time for the new generation to take the Covenant Land as their own, establishing righteousness in the land, as my people.”  Does ADONAI expect less from us, as His Wild Olive Branch? (Romans 11:17-18)

This is the Lesson of the Sanctified Life.  May we not ask to settle for less than all ADONAI has for us, on the other side of the hills and valleys of our journey.  May we not negotiate, for fear of the war we must wage in our generation, to bring righteousness into the land.  May we be of good courage, knowing that God is with us wherever we go; especially as we follow His lead!

May we take the Covenant Land, for our families, our children and their children.  Dear seeker, see how every child of God is invited to make this journey with their heavenly Father.  It is He who sanctifies our lives and prepares us to enter His Kingdom.  This is territory set aside not only for Israel, but for every person He ever created.

The invitation to draw near to Adonai and learn of His ways is there for all who will come.

All are invited to Cross Over into an inheritance established before the foundation of the world, for all who will answer His call.



You are invited to consider the amazing journey of the Nation of Israel, from the Red Sea to the western shore of the Jordan River.  We gather with the Nation of Israel during this holy pause, for the re-telling of the birth of Adonai’s chosen people from the moment the Red Sea parted and the new Nation was birthed.  Hebrews (Meaning: one who has crossed over) all now, like father Abraham.  They crossed over, into a Covenant Relationship with Yahweh.  We see the birth travail, the groping at new life like a newborn baby, then toddler, then rebellious teen.  Some, like Joshua and Caleb, fell in love with ADONAI.  It was their love for the Lord that gave them the courage to advance into their promised inheritance!

May we stand with Israel in these moments of being transported back in time, to hear the contextual beauty of their journey out of slavery, into freedom and Covenant Relationship with Yahweh.  The story unfolds like a fantastic eternal play we are meant to experience, viscerally.  With God’s history etched upon our hearts, we can clearly see our own lives and His mighty right hand upon it.  As we consider His-Story, written through the Nation of Israel, may we be of good courage and fear not!  We can rest in Him, because of His written words of instruction and promise.  Rest, dear treasured people, and be made strong!

Shabbat Shalom, Dear Crossing-over Ones!




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