woman looking out over water on wooden pier

Numbers 1:1-4:20 (B’Midbar or Wilderness)

From: The Tapestry of Torah ~ Lessons in the Wilderness

This is the Lesson of the Voice in the Wilderness!  Consider the lessons in God’s beloved Torah, still relevant for us today!  He says His word is alive; like a fountain that never runs dry!  The lessons are there for us, just like the seeds in the desert sand, ripe and waiting for rain in order to explode with life and blossom!  When Adonai takes us out to meet with Him in the wilderness, we will be counted in that moment!  He lifts our chin with His mighty right hand and calls us by name.  Like the new Nation of Israel, as they crossed over from slavery into freedom, the wilderness journey brought them closer to the Lord, as He advanced them into their destiny! 

This is the Lesson of the Voice in the Wilderness!  Adonai’s attributes are on holy fire throughout His wilderness journey with Israel.  In His sovereignty, He also sets us apart in the wilderness.  The wilderness journey is our time alone with Him, in loss or grief, in pain, or in fear.  He sets us on a path to refine our hearts, bringing order into chaos, birthing faith from fear, etching truth where lies once lived, and conforming us into His image.  We are like Israel; loved by our Lord, and pre-ordained to be conformed into His image.

This is the Lesson of the Voice in the Wilderness!  His stories, recorded for all time, are for us now!  In humility, will we be able to hear Him call out our name. We will know it is He who lifts our chin.  We will know that He grafts us into His Kingdom.  Then and only then, will the voice in the wilderness be heard.  By His command we will step up into our rank, and advance into our destiny, which was planned before the foundation of the world.


May we immerse in the mystery of the love of God and seek His sovereign plans for our lives, which will include Lessons from the Wilderness!  There, all the voices will narrow down to One; His and His alone.  May we be still and know, that He is at work in our lives.  May we rest in His pre-eminent power, to accomplish all the good plans He has ordained for us.  Yes, rest beloved, and trust that all will be according to His good plans and purposes.  Amen.  Shabbat Shalom.



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