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In the weeks of waiting for the Re-rolling of the Torah Scrolls which will take place the very last week of October, there are many ways to share my love of Torah, and my calling to Torah.

The front cover of my book has three prominent claims regarding the release of this Tapestry of Torah ~ Lessons from the Wilderness!  I hope you have my book as your companion to the upcoming Torah study year.  If not, please go to the Amazon link on my Website and order some copies to share with others as well as your own personal copy.

The three claims on the front cover say:




To remind and re-introduce friends who will be studying in this Torah year of 5783, I use excerpts from my book to invite you into the journey!

I next share some Hebrew facts from John Parson’s Workbook; A Year Through the Torah, a Journey for Christians, like some Hebrew words very few Christians know or understand along with the amazing Jewishness of the Scriptures, which we use in our faith walk as Christians.  Enjoy!  Learn!  Share!

“The Tapestry of Torah book is an invitation for those who have been called to get to know Him more and to immerse in the original language of the Bible.

This is a journey into the very heart of Adonai.  The Bible was written by Jews, to the Jews first, in the Land of Israel!

Father Abraham was a Gentile, but by his faith in the one true God, was considered righteous and was blessed to become the father of many!

This includes both Jew and Gentile believers who call upon the name of the Lord, throughout the history of the Abrahamic covenant, to this very day and beyond. 

The invitation includes every man, woman, and child whose father of faith is Father Abraham.

By using The Tapestry of Torah ~ Lessons from the Wilderness as a companion to the Bible, as we study the weekly Torah portions, one can easily lead others into His Glorious Light.  

This Torah devotional can be the current of living water that propels a new Torah student or leader to invite others to SEEK, FIND, and SHARE God’s ancient way to go!

In a world that has lost its way, the Torah is our way back home!

Torah means, “the way to go” according to the Lord God Almighty.  He reveals in the books of Moses how to draw near to His holy presence!” The Tapestry of Torah by Sydney Hewitt



  • TORAH: Law or “The Way to Go” (YARAH: An archery term meaning “To Hit the Mark”)
  • MITZVAH: God’s divine Commandments given by Adonai in the written Torah
  • SEFER TORAH: The Pentateuch or 5 Books of Moses given at Mt. Sinai
  • NEVI’IM: The Books of Prophecy in the Old Testament (major and minor)
  • KETUVIM: The Books of Writings in the Old Testament (Psalms, Proverbs, Song of Solomon etc.)
  • TALMUD:Oral Law’ of the Torah from Rabbinical Sages
  • TANAKH: The entirety of the Jewish Bible includes Torah, Nevi’im, Ketuvim, Talmud
  • MISHNAH (200ad) / GEMARA (500ad): Two different time-frames of the creation of the Tanakh
  • HALAKAH: Rabbinical ORAL Torah and its affect on the life of those who adhere to Torah (Walk)
  •  HALAK: To Walk or to Journey through life.  Life is a WALK or a JOURNEY with the Lord!
  • DIASPORA: The historical prophesied ‘Scattering’ of the Nation of Israel all over the world.
  •  SHEMA: To hear and to obey God’s Divine Instruction. The daily prayers for a Jew, SHEMA!
  •  OLD COVENANT: The Mosaic Covenant based on the Nation of Israel’s love and obedience to God’s laws, with the Sacrificial system of animal sacrifices to “cover sin” for individuals and the entire Nation of Israel. This was not a ‘final’ redemption for sin…but a means of temporarily ‘covering’ sin with the spilled blood of innocent animals as a shadow of Messiah Jesus’ eternal Sacrifice for all mankind. (Jesus, the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world)
  •  NEW COVENANT: A ‘new and better’ covenant based on the eternal sacrifice of Jesus / Yeshua as God’s Passover Lamb (Se Ha Elohim) sacrifice.  This is all that is required from us individually; to place our trust in the final work on the cross, in the resurrection of Yeshua three days later, in order to redeem us from sin and the second death. The book of Hebrews focuses on the ‘new and better’ covenant of Yeshua, and God’s plan of redemption which brings us into right relationship with our Father in Heaven.
  • FORESHADOW: In God’s word, the Old Testament in its entirety is a “picture” or foreshadow of the ultimate sacrifice and redemptive plan of salvation through Jesus the Messiah. You will see through Torah study that Yeshua is the HEART of the Torah!  He is the FULFLILLMENT of the law!

Messianic truth from the context of the Complete Jewish Study Bible (CJB):

  • The Torah illuminated first into the hearts of God’s chosen people whose lives are recorded in Torah, thousands of years before Moses ascended Mt. Sinai to receive the Commandments and Laws from Elohim “To the Jew first!”


  • Adam and Eve’s God-made coverings of skins…the first animal sacrifice by God Himself
  • Cain and Abel’s story: Abel was obedient to God’s command to give of his “first fruits”!
  • Cain was disobedient by not offering what God commanded, he offered his own version to God.
  • Seth, Enoch: Called upon the name of the Lord…YHVH…they knew God!
  • Noah: He had a HALAK or walk with God as stated in the Torah!
  • Abraham: Abraham heard and obeyed the Lord! (SHEMA)

Abraham understood the system of animal sacrifice as clearly seen in the “sacrifice of Isaac”!


* ALL THE WORLD IS BLESSED BY THE NATION OF ISRAEL:  This is their purpose in the world as God’s nation (in their prominence and favor from God) all of the Gentile nations have been blessed by the giving of the law to Israel, for we have also been given the law!  Their Messiah whom they rejected has come to redeem each one of us from the Gentile or Non-Jewish nations!  Therefore, it is easy to see how the Nation of Israel’s existence and journey will heal the world!  (Tikkun Olam)

In God’s boundless mercy He will restore His nation of Israel to their full inheritance in heaven!



Just as The Book of the Revelation is the revelation of Jesus Christ the Messiah (Yeshua Mashiach) so the Tanakh is the revelation of Elohim, The Creator, The Great I Am, YHVH, (Yahweh)

Jesus is the fulfillment and complete representation of “The Torah” for through Him, all are saved!

The Halakha of Yeshua transcends the LAW and LEGALISM, and takes everything to the level of a matter of the HEART inside each of us!

Our obedience TO THE LAW is a testament of the condition of our HEART and our love for the Lord God Almighty.  Baruch Ha Shem…Blessed be the name!

If Yeshua is the physical representation of every characteristic of Elohim, we must come to know (Yada: to deeply know) Elohim, and his characteristics of Holiness, Eternalness, Divinity, and the attributes he lists of himself in Torah as He reveals His character in order to fully know Messiah, His son, the physical WITNESS and EMBODIMENT of all that is of ELOHIM.


Shabbat Shalom dear friends of God ~

Sydney Hewitt, 5783


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