“The Lesson of The Blessed of ADONAI!”

V’ZOT HABRACHAH (Deuteronomy 33:1-34:12) Week 54

This is the blessing that Moshe, the man of God, spoke over the people of Isra’el before his death.  “ADONAI came from Sinai; from Se’ir he dawned on his people, shone forth from Mount Pa’ran; and with him were myriads of holy ones; at his right hand was a fiery law for them.  He truly loves the peoples – all his holy ones are in your hand; sitting at your feet, they receive your instruction, the Torah Moshe commanded us as an inheritance for the community of Ya’akov.  Then a king arose in Yeshurun when the leaders of the people were gathered, all the tribes of Isra’el together.”  (Deuteronomy 33:1-5 CJB)

This Parashah captures the beautiful blessing of a dying father for his children.  This man of God loved the children of God!  This man of God prepared the children of God for his departure by reciting their history together.  He recounted their wilderness wanderings and testing, but most dramatically, he expounded on the faithfulness of Adonai for His provision and blessing over the Nation of Israel.

Moses begins the blessing with praise of Adonai and the promise that His holy ones, His set apart people, are standing…sitting…even holding hands in the presence of this prophetic outpouring.  God’s holy Nation gathered to hear, and were acclaimed by Moses as God’s chosen people throughout all the earth.  They were to receive their instruction from TORAH and their blessings from an unfailing and loving God!

We must remember that Moses was the anointed one, chosen by Adonai, after forty faithful years shepherding in Midian, near Mt. Sinai.  Soon after, he would be appointed by Adonai as the deliverer of the Hebrew nation.  Moses was to be their leader and intermediary, an emissary of Adonai.   Moses, the physical expression of Adonai to the Nation of Israel, was father, teacher, defender, and friend.  In his role as servant of the Most-High, Moses became a prophet of God.  His words drip like soft rain, pouring out poetic richness and eternal promises for each of the twelve tribes of Israel.

In order to bless like this a father must truly know his children.  He must have hovered over them, like an eagle over her nest.  He must have seen their weaknesses with eyes of compassion…balanced by words of wisdom.  He must have reveled in their strengths and in the promise of God over their lives.  Yes, this father of the Nation of Israel loved these sons and daughters, like his own.  Moses conveys prophetic words over each one of them…words that still ring out with hope and power to this day.

The blessing of Moses over the twelve tribes of Israel is a most profound study into the soon coming Alcharit-Hayamim, End of Days prophecy for Israel.

God’s story of creation begins with blessings.  His story of the end of creation ends with blessings.  Adonai is true to every attribute of his character.  He cannot be untrue, for He is light, and in Him there is no darkness at all.  His preeminent virtues are eternal, never changing…forever expanding.  They are an all-consuming Holy Fire!

This is the Lesson of The Blessed of ADONAI!  “Yeshurun, there is no one like God, riding through the heavens to help you, riding on the clouds in his majesty. The God of old is a dwelling-place, with everlasting arms beneath.  He expelled the enemy before you, and he said, ‘Destroy!’  So Isra’el lives in security; the fountain of Ya’akov is alone in a land of grain and new wine; where the skies drip with dew.”  (Deuteronomy 33:26-28 CJB)

The corporate blessing over the Nation of Israel brings chill bumps of the spirit as we contemplate the glory of Adonai riding above the clouds chasing after those whom he loves.

This is the Lesson of The Blessed of ADONAI!  “Happy are you Isra’el!  Who is like you, a people saved by ADONAI, your defender, helping you and your sword of triumph?  Your enemies will cringe before you, but you will trample down their high places.”  (Deuteronomy 33:29 CJB)

Rescued.  Freed.  Redeemed.  Adopted.  These words describe what it feels like to be loved by Adonai.  In his preeminence as King of the Universe, there are no boundaries which He will not cross, no rivers He will not ford, no barriers so high He will not fly over, nor seas so deep He will not dive to their depths, to rescue those whom He loves.

This is the Lesson of The Blessed of ADONAI!  In His eternal blueprint of history, each child of God was foreknown and foreloved, having been assigned a remnant to call their own.  The Nation of Israel and the Wild Olive Branch share the nourishment from the Divine Vine, having stitched our lives into THE TAPESTRY OF TORAH ~ Lessons from the Wilderness!

As the ancient way of Torah study comes to its annual close with Parashah V’ZOT HABRACHAH (This is the Blessing) and those who walk in the way of the Hebrew enter a season of reflection, repentance, and redemption, I invite each one who has made this sacred journey of the soul to rejoice and be glad!

                                                                                          Be strong; be strong, and let us be strengthened!

Shabbat Shalom!



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