Week 42 ~ MATTOT  (Numbers 30:2 (1) – 32:42)

This week’s Lesson from the Wilderness is all about crossing over!  As children of the Kingdom of God, we must make many crossings, like Abraham’s crossings so obediently executed.  From his past into his destiny, from his own spiritual darkness into the light of ADONAI, Abraham crossed from one side of the river of obedience and all he had ever known, to the other side of the unknown. By his crossing over, he entered into a great walk of faith!

This is the Lesson of the Vow to Cross Over.  Who waits for us to make our life vow; promising we will do whatever it takes to cross over into our spiritual destiny?  Who examines our wilderness journey, waiting for our footsteps to enter into the river which ripples across our path and sets us into new territory?  It is Adonai!  He shepherds our footsteps along the way.  He is merciful and patient as we struggle to cross over. He goes before us to prepare our way exactly as He did for the Nation of Israel, as they began the pursuit of their inheritance and their destiny, as God’s chosen people.

This is the Lesson of the Vow to Cross Over.  When the Nation of Israel crossed over the Jordan River to begin the mission from Adonai to subdue the land, turning barbaric cultures of the day steeped in idol worship and sin, into a land flowing with milk and honey, the people knew there would be wars to fight and giants to slay.  Re-establishing this land by the Torah Laws of Adonai would not be a mission for the unprepared; but how could they prepare?   It was only by faith that they could accomplish what lay before them.  They could only do so much.  Faith and reliance on Adonai would be their banner now.  They must trust in Adonai as their Vanguard and their Rear guard.  Had He not proven His supernatural provision, from their expulsion from Egypt, into the crossing of the Jordon River, a generation later?

This is the Lesson of the Vow to Cross Over.  Those of us who love Torah and its expression of the fullness of God’s word, have profound examples of the crossing over from death into life, and from glory to glory.  We learn from God’s stories what it takes to make the personal crossing, leaving behind all that He requires of us.  We trust in His sovereignty, to prepare our way as He goes before us into uncharted territory and secures our victory.  The war is the Lord’s!  We have a war to win!  We have giants to slay, all in the name of Adonai.

It will be by faith and nothing more, but nothing less, which propels us into our destiny.  May we lift His banner to heaven and cross over.  There is Promised Land to claim for the Kingdom!


During this Sabbath rest, may we look back over our lives and prayerfully review our ‘Crossings’.  How did the Lord call you to cross over?  What Territory was He calling you out of, through a cleansing river, and onto the opposite side; the side of His divine plan for your life?  I have made several ‘Crossings’ in my life so far and each time, I knew in the deepest part of my soul, that I was being called to cross over into something ordained by my Lord.  Like Abraham, I did not know where I was being led, but I knew in my heart and mind that God was in the lead, and I was to follow.  Following in the dusty, wilderness footsteps of ADONAI is the safest walking journey we can ever make!  Walking out our destiny in His imprinted steps which went before us is the only way to embark, in faith, into new territory assigned from heaven.  I know this from the other side of my own personal ‘Crossings’, and confidently encourage you dear seeker, to keep walking in the dust of the Messiah!

On this Sabbath, I pray all who come to this lesson will, in the spirit, become quietly at rest, and review your ordained ‘Crossings’ of the past, and your present journey.  We read in God’s word how Jesus was called, by the Spirit, into the Desert to be tempted.  When we are called out for testing, the ultimate divine design is that we cross through to the other side, stronger, wiser, and more usable for the Kingdom of God!

This spiritual ‘Crossing’ will be our Testimony!  Our Testimony is eternally recorded and becomes our spiritual auto-biography.  Will we cross all the way, as many times as the Lord calls us out into His cleansing river?  I pray for supernatural wisdom and recall, this Shabbat.  May we remember each assigned ‘Crossing’ with love and gratitude.  May we see with the eyes of our heart, how it changed us.  May we SEEK the truth in each ‘Crossing’, and FIND the hidden treasures buried in the depths of each river, to then SHARE with all who will listen to our Testimony!  To God be the Glory, forever and ever.

Shabbat Shalom, as you ‘Cross over!’




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