“The Lesson of AM SEGULAH”

Parashah E’MOR (Leviticus 21:1-24:23) Week 31

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ADONAI said to Moshe, “Speak to the cohanim, the sons of Aharon;  tell them:  ‘No cohen is to make himself unclean for any of his people who dies, except for his close relatives – his mother, father, son, daughter and brother; he may also make himself unclean for his virgin sister who has never married and is therefore dependent on him.  He may not make himself unclean, because he is a leader among his people, doing so would profane him.’” (Leviticus 21:1-4 CJB)

“Rather, they are to be holy for their God and not profane the name of their God.  For they are the ones who present ADONAI with offerings made by fire, the bread of their God; therefore, they must be holy.”  (Leviticus 21:6 CJB)

Tell the people of Israel: “The designated times of ADONAI which you are to proclaim as holy convocations are my designated times.”  (Leviticus 23:2 CJB)

As we enter into Parashah E’MOR meaning Speak we understand the seriousness of the role of the priesthood for the Nation of Israel.  In their anointing as leaders for the Nation; appointed ones who would make atonement for the people through acceptable ways Adonai had revealed through Moses, the detailed order of service is, at the very least, intimidating.

The Kohanim represented the holiness of Adonai by leading the people into His glorious light.  The first order of service of the priesthood was clearly to minister inside the Tabernacle, near the Divine Presence of Adonai which hovered inside the Holiest Place, behind the veil.  His Shekinah glory was shrouded inside a cloud, just over the Ark of the Covenant.  The order and detailed service to the Lord in His Holy Place was the first order of service each day.  This is the vision for us, as a royal priesthood, for holy and uninterrupted worship of the Lord God Almighty, in the secret place.

It was in the honoring by the priesthood of every detail as commanded by Adonai, that His name was held in highest esteem.  This was the first and most sacred obligation.  The ministry of the priesthood was never to be expressed in a lukewarm way!

The priestly obligations were to be expressed with zeal in order to hit the mark for His pleasure, through every ordained act of service.  Adonai made it fully known that serving inside the Tabernacle covered the priests in a holy shroud of His Shekinah.

Holy fire catches that which is nearest, on fire! 

Parashah E’MOR speaks for the first time of the new appointed times of the Lord, which were new commands for the Nation of Israel to understand and observe with holy service, before they entered Canaan.  Why?

As the Nation of Israel entered Canaan; inhabited by foreign nations which worshipped idols with perverse practices, God’s chosen Nation was to live in such a way that would honor the name of Adonai; not profane Him.  They were commanded to live holy lives, for their God was holy.  They were to live every day as an outward expression of the inward condition of their hearts, bent toward Adonai, in obedience and deference to His exclusive love.  Like the oil lamps on the Menorah, three on each side leaning inward toward the central flame, we too, are to live leaning in to the flaming presence of the Lord.

The new designated dates on the Hebrew calendar, lunar by heavenly design, carved out holy times of worship and remembrance.  Life lived in the physical world is a manifestation of the spiritual journey of the heart.  His command to live holy lives as a set-apart people from the world of the commonplace, was further illuminated in the expressions of worship during each of the newly designated holy convocations of the Lord.

The newly appointed times established by Adonai on the physical Hebrew calendar punctuates life lived here in the earth realm.

In the spirit, Adonai’s holy times of intimacy, observed now in the physical, are but a shadow of the future expression of the Bride and Bridegroom, in eternity.  By observing the Feasts of the Lord, we prepare according to His commands, advancing into a deeper relationship with our King, as a divine foretaste of indescribable goodness anticipated in the world to come or Olam Haba.

This is the Lesson of AM SEGULAH.  Oh, dear Treasured People, this is the lesson of being declared Holy, because our God is Holy (Kedosh).  This is the lesson of being declared righteous (Tzaddik) because Messiah has covered us in His righteousness.  This is the spoken word of the Lord God Almighty over His people:  Set apart for Adonai!

This is the Lesson of AM SEGULAH.  Oh, dear Treasured People, can you feel the amazing heavenly lightness of your priestly robes?  Messiah has clothed you in His finest linen.  Can you feel the belt wrapped snugly around your waist?  He has wrapped you up for His Kingdom, tethering you to eternity.  Do you hear the silver bells stitched into the hem of your garment as you walk with anointed feet through His Tabernacle?  The sound of these tiny bells sing as our footsteps fall closer and closer into His Shekinah.

This is the Lesson of AM SEGULAH.  Oh, dear Treasured People, to whom much is given, much is required.  Yes, much is required, yet so much has been given!  Messiah, slain before the foundation of the world for His own, stepped down from heaven to become death for us.  He has clothed us in His finest linen robes in order that we might serve in His Tabernacle, and enter His Father’s presence, as His Treasure.

You are His jewel, His treasure, His beloved.

Rejoice AM SEGULAH, and sing!

Shabbat Shalom!






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