“The Lesson of the Exclusivity of ADONAI”

Parashah K’DOSHIM  (Holy People); (Leviticus 19:1-20:27) Week 30

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“Do not live by the regulations of the nation which I am expelling ahead of you; because they did all these things, which is why I detested them.  But to you I have said, “You will inherit their land; I will give it to you as a possession, a land flowing with milk and honey.”  I am ADONAI your God who has set you apart from other peoples.  (Leviticus 20:22-24 CJB)

“Rather, you people are to be holy for me; because I, ADONAI, am holy; and I have set you apart from the other peoples, so that you can belong to me.”  (Leviticus 20:26 CJB)

Parashah KEDOSHIM meaning Holy People, holds inside the longest list of commandments from Adonai to the new Nation of Israel.  It became clear to me as I ran and prayed over this Parashah that KEDOSH ISRA’EL…the Holy One of Israel, sanctified His people just before they were to advance into their inheritance.  I saw how in His mercy, this was the orderly process of entering into the Covenant relationship between the Nation of Isra’el and Adonai, who is a God of order.

The progression from slavery to freedom is repeated in our own lives from the point of our decision to accept the gift of adoption from our Father in heaven.  We can see the weaving of the blueprint, from being taken out of our sin, set free from its hold on us, and redeemed.  Our freedom was paid for by the blood of Yeshua our Lord of the new and better Covenant!  I ran and prayed for revelation into the blueprint of this Parashah, and for deep truth to light up my thoughts of Him.  I admitted to the Lord that I am incapable to dismantle His words and His commandments in such a way as to pull out the deepest meaning.  I am but dust.

The word came in that instant.  A word I have been trained in corporate settings to appreciate, to use, to explore, and even add my own spin to, in order to strengthen the branding of a company.  The word came as clearly as if I heard it from a loudspeaker overhead; EXCLUSIVITY!

The term exclusivity is loved in the world of products, for it is the fruit of successful branding, but it is hated in the political realm of the world today, where the masses scream; “Nothing and No-one is to be exclusive or categorized as right or wrong!” 

As I prayed over this word in relation to the Parashah, I saw it first, in the priestly garments designed by Adonai for the specially chosen tribe of Levi.

The Levites were especially appointed for Holy Service (Avodah) from the other eleven tribes of Israel, and were to be clothed in splendor and majesty!

They were singularly anointed for the ministry to Adonai in His Holy Place.  The Tabernacle (Mishkan) was exclusive and set apart as the dwelling place for God Most High, El Elyon.  Every element was exclusively designed, created to please Adonai and to symbolize His holiness at ground zero.

Ground zero was an unholy, profane, broken piece of desert wilderness in a world submerged in idol worship and sin, of abominable proportions.  Yet, this tiny Tabernacle set amidst the Sinai Desert wilderness is a brilliant picture of how we look from the heavenly places, set down into the dust of a profane culture, in the swirling storms of chaos and cultural cries, “NOTHING should be EXCLUSIVE!”

Our Lord clothed us in heavenly white linen, representing the righteousness (Tzaddik) of Adonai.  He belted us with a sixty-foot golden cord from heaven, tethering us to His embrace.  He crowned us with a linen turban on our heads, upon which hangs a golden emblem branded with the words;

Set Apart for Adonai!

Yes, we are branded! Yes, we are exclusive.  Yes, we were set apart from the world before the foundation of it, by God.

As I ran and prayed over the commandments in this Parashah, what I heard from Adonai were admonitions like a good father would give to his children.

I heard, “Because you are mine, you will wear the Holy Family Crest on your breastplate, which I cover you with.  The Holy Family Crest is eternal.  Those who wear my emblem are set apart and are exclusively anointed to worship Adonai in a way that is pleasing to Him.  Those who wear the Holy Family Crest over their hearts will treat others differently than the world treats people.  You will speak with words which heal and bring life.  You will not use words which bring death.”

“You who wear the Holy Family Crest were chosen by my Spirit before you were born.  Your lives will pierce the heavenly blueprint of my design.  Your life is part of the tapestry of history.  You will honor justice, for I am just.  You will see others as I see them, looking for My image in them.  It is there, if you look with the good eyes.” (Ayin Tovah)

“You who wear the Holy Family Crest will speak words of truth, light and love, for I will place inside of you My truth and inscribe upon your hearts, Torah. 

You will be the living, breathing Torah, for a time such as this.  You will be the living stones of my Tabernacle, and you will rebuild my Temple with your lives!”

This is the Lesson of the Exclusivity of ADONAI.  We must be exclusively dedicated to His will for our lives.  We must understand exclusivity is of His favor, and we were chosen to cross over to the other side; the side of the Kingdom of God.

This is the Lesson of the Exclusivity of ADONAI.  The peace Adonai gives is not like the world gives.  It is in the Covenant relationship with Him that we were legally adopted as His own.  Now clothed in linen, we wear the Holy Family Crest which reads in the unseen; Set Apart for Adonai! 

This is the Lesson of the Exclusivity of ADONAI.  The culture of the day will not understand our stance upon the exclusive word of God.   In fact, there has never been a time in history when the chasm between the Children of the Light and the Children of the Darkness has ever been wider!

On this Shabbat night, make your stand!  Stand in his army, clothed in His armor, wearing the emblem which sets you apart from the world.  You are exclusively from the other side.  You are exclusively of His heart.  You are continually the reflection in the eyes of our Father in Heaven.

You are exclusively and eternally His!

Shabbat Shalom,





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  1. This is the most moving candle glow I’ve read. I will reread until I have it memorized

    Love how faithful you are to listen and relay the words of Adonai


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