PARASHAH VAYIKRA (Leviticus 1:1-5-26 (6:7) Week 24

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As I ran on my well-worn path early this morning, repenting of my own transgressions before entering into the Temple of my soul to draw near to Lord, the vision became so clear.  I saw that day at the throne of God, when I will see Him face-to-face.  I saw Messiah Yeshua waiting for me.  I approached Him, filled with love and thanksgiving.  I began to weep as I ran, transported by the Spirit into this prophetic vision from heaven.

The great transference took place for me many years ago.  Yet, from the lesson of VAYIKRA today, I saw a new dimension into the moment when, face-to-face with my Savior, I reached out to touch His wounds.  I saw the brilliance of His white linen robe.  I saw His hair of woolen white, His eyes as flaming fire, burning with passion for each one who will come to Him.  I saw His skin, brilliant as a diamond, pulsing deep inside like the richest stone of ruby red.  On His head there were many golden crowns which framed His shining aura.  His hands were held out for me.  It was in this moment in the spirit, I reached out for his hands, with my own.

The great transference began, in all its perfection, as I gave Messiah every last incomplete part of myself, transferred to Him by my own trembling hands onto His, which were torn for me.  This was the final moment when I would be made entirely whole by the laying on of my hands, onto His.  I touched His side which bled for me, and I was healed of all I held onto, of my shame and regret.

I knelt at His beautiful feet, which were crushed for me, as my tears ran freely onto them.  The great transference now made complete by the laying on of my hands upon His wounds, which bypassed me, but struck my Lord!  Yes, by Messiah’s pure and perfect obedience, He became sin and death for His Treasured People.  I touched His beautiful feet, laying my hands over his scars, and every last crack and break in my heart was healed in that moment, for all eternity.

This is the Lesson of The Laying-on-of-Hands to Life.  We must make the journey dear seeker, to the opening of the Tent of Meeting, for we need atonement for our sin.  If we meditate upon this Parashah with the open eyes of the heart, we will understand the depths of what the SEMIKAH overture, the laying-on-of-hands onto the sacrifice, means for us who now are covered by the new and better Covenant.

This is the Lesson of The Laying-on-of-Hands to Life.  I have contended for years with the description of the Messiah by John, in the Book of Revelation.  I have wondered why His robe is described as being dipped in blood, (Revelation 19:13) at the moment when every eye shall see Him.  Today in my vision, I was gifted to see the healing which must be made complete on that day, face-to-face, with Yeshua.  He has conquered sin and death, but we must relinquish what has been held back from His eternal healing power!

This is the Lesson of The Laying-on-of-Hands to Life.  I prayerfully urge you, dear seeker, to take your walk through His Tabernacle, the MISHKAN!  Touch every vessel, pray out your confession, your VIDUY.


On this sacred Sabbath pause, the Shabbat of the Lord, walk boldly, all the way into the Holy of Holies, the KEDOSH KEDOSHIM,  into the secret place, to Him face-to face…PANIM EL PANIM, laying guilty hands upon His scarred and sinless ones.  Execute the great transference! 

His eyes are flaming with passion to heal and restore HIS eternal image upon you!

Shabbat Shalom,



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