(Exodus 38:21-40:38) Week 23

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 The amazing list of materials and intricate orders for construction and assembly for the Tabernacle have been recorded for all time in God’s word.  It is almost unbelievable today, to comprehend the actual breadth of the wealth in the fledgling Nation of Israel!  The people of Adonai left Egypt, gifted by its plunder, heading onto the windblown dried ocean floor of the Red Sea as their red-carpeted entry toward the Covenant land, which father Abraham was promised by Adonai.

The offering of gold by the Nation of Israel totaled approximately one ton; and of silver approximately 3.75 tons and of bronze approximately 2.25 tons.  In today’s economy of precious metals, the gold would meet or exceed $12,000,000 per ton; the silver would meet or exceed $288,000 per ton.  The gold of the Menorah lampstand weighed a Talent, which would be worth at least half a million dollars for the gold alone.  The command for Moses to authenticate in his recordings all the heavenly details of Adonai’s instructions for His dwelling place does not fall silently on us, as we read the Torah today.

It is awe inspiring and almost impossible, without the Holy Spirit as our teacher, to grasp the intricate details of the finest metals, raw materials, jewels, fabrics and thread of the colors of heaven.  In that day only members of royalty knew the beauty of rich dyes for fabrics, polished precious stones for jewelry, or precious metals for adorning themselves or their palaces.

As I consider the beauty of God’s blueprint for the Tabernacle, each precious vessel represented, each color of thread, each treasured stone and the blinding polished finish of the gold, silver and bronze elements, I cannot help but dream of what Adonai has planned for His Millennial Temple.  In that day, a righteous King will reign from this throne and will be none other than King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Yeshua Ha Mashiach.  The beauty of His Temple will be unparalleled in splendor and majesty.  The artistry, woven tapestries, and bejeweled gold and silver elements will be of incomprehensible design, this side of heaven!  It will be blinding to the eye, and at times, we know from God’s word, the Spirit of Adonai will utterly fill the temple, His robes reaching every boundary, flowing upward, completely enveloped in His Shekinah Glory.  Anyone near will fall down upon their faces.  May we envision the glorious moment, when in His Shekinah-gloried presence, we fall!

This is the lesson of the Temple of the Soul.  In the supernatural realm, since the death and resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, we who have been set apart for Adonai embody this Temple of the Soul and are fully present in His Tent of Meeting.  “For the Messiah has entered a Holiest Place which is not man-made and merely a copy of the true one, but into heaven itself, in order to appear now on our behalf in the very presence of God.”  (Hebrews 9:24 CJB)

 This is the lesson of the Temple of the Soul.  Upon the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, each child of God who claims the saving grace of our Great High Priest, Kohen Gadol, is filled with each element of the Tabernacle of the soul.  The Tabernacle in all its beauty, was but a shadow of the new and better Covenant in Jesus the Messiah.  His presence in us illuminates the vessels of the Tabernacle in our lives and in our priestly worship of Him.  The tapestry curtains surrounding this beautiful synergy of the soul is our earthly body.  On that day, the boundary of our earthly body will be no more.  Like the Temple Veil, the Parochet, torn away by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, removing all barriers between us and the Father, so will our earthly bodies be torn away, and we will be fully alive, present and restored unto the Father, as imperishable!

This is the lesson of the Temple of the Soul.  As Moses recorded each detail of the Tabernacle in the Sinai desert, may we record each detail of the Tabernacle of our soul.  We are fashioned by the Spirit of God.  We are stitched and covered by His hands in the bluest of His heaven, the purple of His royalty, the scarlet of His sacrifice!  His golden thread, cut from the Covenant, encircles us in a priestly sash which holds us bound in the purest linen robes of His righteousness.  The Temple of our Soul rests now, at the throne of our Father in heaven.

On this ordained Shabbat night, see with the eyes of your hearts, the beauty of the tabernacle of your soul, established before the foundation of the world, and regarded by the Lord as precious, eternal, righteous, and imperishable!  What a peace to know this!  What an amazing faith journey, into this sacred space of Kedosh Kodeshim!  Holy of Holies!

Shabbat Shalom!




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