(Exodus 30:11-34:35)  Week 21


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As I ran and prayed over the Parashah, I pleaded for a vision of the distilled lesson of KI TISSA for today.  The Tapestry of Torah lessons are from the heart of Adonai for our hearts, beating right now in history!

In my vision, I saw blinding gold, gleaming in the desert sun, as one Hebrew after another stepped forth with their treasures.  They stepped forth with zeal, not trepidation.  This time, they held nothing back.  Their gleaming gold in the form of jewelry and ornaments was brought forth as the people gathered around a new High Priest and waited for their treasures; some worn outwardly, but some hidden from public view, to be melted down in a crucible and reformed into the image of a god from their past.  In fear and disbelief, they turned back to the gods of their bondage in Egypt, instead of advancing, with new faith in ADONAI!

Aaron, as High Priest, knew there was gold still being worn or hidden away, since the call for gold for the Tabernacle of the Most-High was made prior to this demand from the people.  Aaron knew what would come into the blinding light that day; disbelief, distrust, and the withheld treasure from Adonai.

As high Priest, Aaron was commanded to bring the sin offering, himself.  Aaron was called to look upon sin, transfer its effects onto a sinless sacrifice, and make atonement through an offering, to the holiness of Adonai.  Aaron would throw the coveted treasure, held tightly in the hands of the Hebrew nation, into the crucible where it needed to go! 

The coveted treasure was melted down into a river of gold, illuminating their sin of rebellion against the Lord God Almighty.

This is the Lesson of our Golden Treasure.  Out of the crucible of the coveted gold, poured forth an idol.  The idol was a god of no power, no protection, no provision, nor presence.  Idols made from the hands of men demand little of us.  It is easy to put them away and out of sight, like other treasure we have hidden from Adonai.

This was what the new Nation of Israel was looking for; a god they could manage; a god that did not put fear in their hearts; a god demanding nothing of them; especially commitment, relationship, or true, lasting faith.

This is the Lesson of our Golden Treasure.  The amazing story of KI TISSA, the story of the Sin of the Golden Calf, is deeper than I ever realized until today.  I see the Tribe of Levi, who did not contribute to the golden crucible.  They had no more gold!  Their hands were empty at their sides, as they watched the frenzied crowd give what they had withheld, with zeal.  The gold and silver was held at bay until a day when in their frenzy, they could offer it up in the fullness of their rebellion.

This is the Lesson of our Golden Treasure.  Nothing is hidden from Adonai.  In His sovereignty, He knew the tribe of Levi was to be a tribe of faithful Ministers.  Adonai accepted their golden sacrifices for His Tabernacle, seeing deeply into their new, circumcised hearts, which beat for Him.  For where your wealth is, there your heart will be also.” (Matthew 6:21 CJB)


Dear seeker, is there hidden treasure you have withheld from the Lord?  Because of his love, He will bring it out into the brilliant light of His presence!  He will fire up the crucible…the same one His son endured for our purification!

Yeshua is the purest golden Treasure for all mankind!  May we hold nothing back from the ONE who redeemed us with His life, and covers us now, in His finest, white linen of righteousness! 

May we search for any hidden treasure and offer it up now, in the blinding light of His presence.  On this blessed Shabbat evening, may we examine our hearts and our hands, and offer up anything…and everything…held back or at bay from our Father in Heaven.  He is ready to accept our contrition, and our contribution, and restore us unto Himself in the fullness of a humble faith!

Shabbat Shalom,




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