(Exodus 27:20-30:10) Week 20


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As we immerse in the beauty of God’s descriptive Torah, we are stunned by Adonai’s detailed description of what the expression of true worship and service to Adonai would require of Aharon and the Priesthood to follow.  We see how Adonai expresses faithful love or CHESED for His chosen people.  It is in the appointment of mankind to holy service and ministry that the expression of faithful love elevates us into heavenly places.  In this way, Aaron and his sons and the Kohanim after them, served the Kingdom of God as a foreshadowing of Jesus. To serve in the shadow of YESHUA was an honor and a blessing from Adonai; pointing like a laser light beam onto the cross of Calvary.

Consider the Father’s eternal plan; to send His son to earth as the final Passover or PESACH lamb.  In the days of the dust of Mount Sinai where our encampment is stayed; as the Tabernacle is constructed and the consecration of the tribe of Levi into the priesthood is commanded, a holy service to God by mortal man was incorporated from the blueprint of heaven.  Now in service to Adonai, elevated to a priestly role in the midst of desert winds, tumbleweeds, and sandstorms blowing relentlessly against the tapestry walls of the Tabernacle, a holy God was served.

Every detail of the priestly garments was ordained in heaven.  The colors of the tapestries were dipped deeply into the richest blue of His heaven, the most elegant purple of His royalty, and the darkest blood-red stain of The Lamb.  All these were woven together with Adonai’s purest golden thread, spun out of the crucible which sanctified His Son.  This amazing expression of our Father in heaven; this magnanimous gift from Him to an earthly priesthood, reclaiming the image of the Creator and bearing His splendor in adoration of Him, makes me weep as I consider the Father’s love.  Seeing with the eyes of the heart now, Yahweh first expressed His own Divinity, and later clothed sinful man in His holy, righteous linen!

This is the Lesson of the Linen Robes of Heaven.  “But you are a chosen people, the King’s cohanim, a holy nation, a people for God to possess!  Why?  In order for you to declare the praises of the One who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light.” (1 Peter 2:9 CJB)

We, as the Wild Olive Branch, (Romans 11:17-18) grafted in by Adonai onto the Vine, are clothed in the finest linen of the Messiah.  We are a Nation of Priests, dressed in the layering of priestly garments, with a sash around our waists encircling our lives, bound forever to our heavenly Father by the white linen of His righteousness, THE GIFT OF HIS SON!

This is the Lesson of the Linen Robes of Heaven.  See our priestly garments from head to toe, according to the illumination of the Scriptures in Exodus.  We make special consideration of the inscription of gold inscribed on our headgear which reads, Set Apart for Adonai!  Has our intimacy with Adonai set us apart from the world?  Are the sounds of the tiny silver bells hemmed into the linen robes heard out into the atmosphere?  Do we desire to enter the Tabernacle, seeking His presence?  Do we elevate our relationship with Him above all others?  Do we take heed to fulfill our Holy Service or AVODAH to the God of the Universe?

This is the Lesson of the Linen Robes of Heaven.  “But I consider my own life of no importance to me whatsoever, as long as I finish the course ahead of me, the task I received from the Lord Yeshua – to declare in depth the Good News of God’s love and kindness.”  (Acts 20:24 CJB)

As we take in the fullness of the command to minister in dignity and splendor, we step into the fullness of His expression of love.  He calls us into holy service and prepares us for the splendor of our destiny with Him.  Take your priestly walk through the Tabernacle, dear seeker, and draw near to all that is waiting for you there.


In these moments of quiet as we prepare for the Lord’s Sabbath, it is by prayerfully transcending through each chamber in the Tabernacle and into His glorious presence that we enter His rest or SHABBATInside the Holy of Holies now, there are no boundaries in the spirit!  It is by the sacrifice of our Living Lord Jesus that we have gained entry, and are forever invited to dwell in the very presence of our Father in heaven.  He waits for the tinkling of the silver bells of our Priestly garments, announcing our footsteps of faith into His Divine Presence, SHEKINAH! 

May we forever enter His courts with PRAISE!

Shabbat Shalom,



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