(Exodus 13:17-17:16) Week 16

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Parashah B’Shalach dives deeply into the delicious irony of the Lord; deep into the mysteries and miracles in the wake of rebellion budding in the newly freed Nation of Israel.  The most dramatic of Adonai’s miracles, the parting of the Red Sea, enabled over two million Hebrews, along with a mixed multitude trailing behind, to walk on a dry sea floor between two tsunamis of seawater held at bay by the winds of God, until every single life had CROSSED OVER!

In spite of the miracles on the night of Passover and the parting of the Red Sea, the journey from slavery into freedom would propel the new nation into aimless wandering, as they searched for their faith.

When people live in fear of death, starvation, or losing their way in an unknown land, there may be complaining and grumbling.  This is part of a journey into fear.  Steps to faith must be practiced.

Unknown to the newly freed slaves of Egypt, the first steps onto the ocean floor, and the subsequent CROSSING OVER to the other side activated The Law of the Harvest!  They were at the start of a miraculous journey into unknown territory, led by the seasoned desert wilderness Shepherd, Moses.

Adonai heard the cries of a frightened people who feared the worst in their desert wandering.  The lack of food and water, as well as protection from the harsh elements, became the constant cries of the nation.  Much like the cries of a fragile, newborn baby in whom hunger brings on uncontrollable fear of starvation, the new nation needed to grow and be made stronger!

Adonai provided! Water flowed from boulders, and a sweet daily covering of manna from heaven was harvested to make bread, and evening flocks of quail landed gently onto the desert floor to satisfy the hunger for meat.  There would be food aplenty for six days of a week; but what of the manna for the seventh day?

There had to be a trust-building practice in order to grow the new nation into a formidable people who could conquer the Promised Land.  Adonai would provide His sweet manna for six days, creating a double blessing of the portion on that sixth day.  Over time, the Nation of Israel would learn to trust that Adonai would provide for them, while establishing the first command to rest (Shabbat) in Adonai’s goodness.  It is by practicing His Sabbath Rest that the journey of faith is fueled.

This is the Lesson of the Manna.  Our relationship with Adonai must be based on a firm foundation of trust.  He promises to bring His children light, life, love and unity as they draw near to Him.  The building of our faith is a journey not unlike the desert wanderings of the Nation of Israel.  The call to faith in Adonai must be heard and obeyed.  This is the lesson of resting in his power, presence and preeminence.

This is the Lesson of the Manna.  The greatest lesson of The Law of the Harvest is found in The Lesson of the Manna.  It is in our faithful expression on the sixth day, that our rest in Adonai grows!  As our mind and heart prepares for Adonai’s Shabbat, compare it to the planting of seeds in the earth, as we cover them with soil, finally fueling our trust in God’s creative force, that a miracle is taking place in the dark, even if we do not see it right away! It is in this practice of Adonai’s Sabbath Rest that a fresh, new faith sprouts up out of the soil of our hearts, and bears much fruit.

This is the Lesson of the Manna for Shabbat!  Adonai’s love compels Him to lead us into lessons of resting in Him.  They said to him, “Sir, give us this bread from now on.”  Yeshua answered, “I am the bread which is life!  Whoever comes to me will never go hungry and whoever trusts in me will never be thirsty.” (John 6:34-35 CJB)

On this sweet Sabbath night, may we exercise our faith in such depth, calling forth EVERY day to be a Sabbath Rest in His peace.

Shabbat Shalom, dear seeker!  May you receive the double portion!



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