(Exodus 10:1-13:16) Week 15

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We must understand the full story of the lambs; the little kids of Passover.  Where there is Covenant, there must be sacrifice.  Since the days in the Garden of Eden, there has been a sacrifice offered to cover the nakedness of mankind’s sin.  The first atonement, or covering for sin, was made by the Creator Himself, for Adam and Eve.  Adonai covered their nakedness and shame with the skins of the first slain animal of His creation, after their fall from grace.

The tenth plague, the death of the first-born, was the most symbolic for the Hebrew people.  On this night, they would not be protected from the plague without a personal act of obedience, in faith that Adonai would save their first-born sons and animals from death.

This is the point where the Spirit rested, as I ran and prayed for revelation.  This was the scene shown to me as I peered into an ancient Hebrew home through their doorway; the only way in or out, covered by the blood of their lamb.  The doorposts were a sign to the Lord, signaling the family members behind the bloodstained portal were in faith, believing.  It was in this vision I saw the lesson distilled for us today.

As the story of Exodus expands into the tenth plague, the meat of the message can be tasted.  Deliverance was advancing from heaven, down into each of the tiny Hebrew homes with the scarlet stained doorways.  On this night, deliverance was available for all who would come; come with their lamb, come in obedience, and come in faith, to be saved.

This is the Lesson of Divine Deliverance.  God blesses us in love, with the progressive revelation of His creation; ensuring His history, His story be told and retold in order that we might hear from Him and be delivered.  For it is by His word and the hearing of it that we are saved.

This is the Lesson of Divine Deliverance.  It was in the progression of building the relationship with the Hebrew people that the time for testing came.  Adonai gave instructions which required their faith-in-action.  See, dear seeker, the exact progressive order in our lives.  Adonai draws near, shows Himself in powerful ways by giving us eyes to see Him and ears to hear Him, and then makes a call upon our life.

 This is the Lesson of Divine Deliverance.  The story of the blood of the lambs on the doorpost of each home is a lesson in faith.  Upon hearing from Moses what was required to be delivered by the tenth plague, all who heard had a choice to express their faith-in-action, or to harden their heart against the God of deliverance.  There must not be any delay; there must be action!



The Four Cups of Passover are just as relevant today, as in any time in history since the death and resurrection of Messiah! 

He makes a way of escape for us!  He frees our chains of bondage to sin and death!  He redeems our life…with his own life.  He takes us as his own, to dwell with us forever!

These promises are for all who will come; but a response is required of those who are called.  We must apply the blood of our Passover lamb to the doorposts of our hearts.  The power in the blood of The Lamb (Se Ha Elohim) is our deliverance.

So dear seekers, on this blessed Shabbat night, as the sky turns to violet, and we light the candles on our tables, or figuratively, in our hearts and minds, may we meditate on the first Passover night, many thousands of years ago, and see it for what it was!  It was the foreshadow of the fullness of the New Covenant, in Jesus’s voluntary blood sacrifice for the sins of the world, once and for all!  In this gospel truth, you may take your SABBATH REST this evening, and feel His shalom cover you in His eternal mercy and grace.

Jesus the Messiah, Lamb of God, is the beating heart of Passover!

Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!

Baruch Haba B’Shem Adonai!  And all the people said, AMEN.

Shabbat Shalom,



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