PARASHAH VAYECHI (Genesis 47:28-50:26) Week 12

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Parashah VAYECHI in Genesis, and the parallel verses in 1 Kings (2:1-12) is punctuated by the deathbed scenes of three great biblical Patriarchs; Jacob, Joseph and King David. Their lives punctured the Lord’s tapestry of finest linen.  By their obedience and walk or Halakha, with Adonai, the eternal blueprint of heaven unfolded and the colorful threads of blue, scarlet, and purple swirled new, eternal patterns.

For each individual who has ever been born, the way of the earth will overtake life lived here for a brief season, by God’s design for us.  Our journey of hills and valleys and desert wanderings, seeking the one true God, will end!

The way of the earth will, in the Creator’s timing for us, take the design only so far, to be left for that special person chosen before the foundation of the world, to take up where our journey leaves off.  We see in all three of the final scenes of these unforgettable giants of the faith, how their lives came full circle and ended, exactly where they truly began to live.  Their focus at the end of their journey was on Adonai, and their hope for the next generation left without their leadership. This is the beauty of their MORASHA, or their Spiritual Legacy.

This is the lesson of our Legacy, the Lesson of MORASHA.  Whether Patriarch or Matriarch, whether first-born or last-born, each of us will leave a mark on Adonai’s eternal design, which transcends space and time.  Our spiritual legacy is eternal!

This is the lesson of our Legacy, the Lesson of MORASHA.  May we journey all the way to the final steps of the climb.  May we look over the vista of our lives lived for Him, with confidence and faith.  May we promise with all that is in us, to those who will pick up where the puncturing of our lives lifts off the blueprint and transcends to the finished side of His eternal tapestry, our blessed hope; that God will surely remember them!

This is the lesson of our Legacy, the Lesson of MORASHA.  Our Spiritual Legacy is more precious than silver and gold, or any earthly inheritance.  It is the transcendence of our faith, built stone by stone and step by step, through each wilderness walk, every long night of the soul, and through beseeching Adonai with our hands lifted to heaven.  All this, we bequeath to the generation walking in the dust of our footprints.  Yes, dear seeker, every promise, and all the territory won for the Kingdom by the puncturing of the blueprint from heaven with our own lives, is our MORASHA!


On this sweet celebratory Shabbat during Advent, may we take our rest in God’s goodness…laying up our testimony as we boldly declare to those who will go after us; “God will surely remember you dear ones, for He has been so good to me!  He has brought you here to this exact place on His tapestry design.  He will wrap your lives up in the blue threads of heaven, the scarlet threads of Messiah’s blood; the purple threads of His royalty, as sons and daughters of ELYON, God most High!”

Take up the thread offered by His powerful hands, and plunge willingly into the waiting pattern of the tapestry of Adonai. 

Carry the design as far as you can, stitching your beloved MORASHA for those following in your dusty footsteps, so you can finally exclaim…

This, dear ones, I leave you!”

Shabbat Shalom,








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