Week 39 ~ HUKKAT (Numbers 19:1-22:1)


The lessons in Torah (Genesis through Deuteronomy) are ripe with human frailty and blunders leading to the consequences of sin.  Just on the other side of the rebellion of Korach against Moses and Aaron, we read of the untimely death of sister Miriam, the leading lady of Israel.  Then, further rebellion against Moses and Aaron upon Miriam’s death, because of the ceasing of water which flowed from the rocks for the nation during her life.  The lesson which follows below is the most poignant as I lead Torah.

This is the Lesson of the Staff of Life, or the Staff of Death.  In our walk as a nation of priests, we too have been handed a staff by Adonai.  Will we point it toward the earth and strike out in angry judgement, or will we lead with the Staff of Life, which brings others into His glorious light?  We see the mercy of Adonai at Kadesh, for the water still flowed for the people.  Adonai is patient for us to turn from our sin, back to Him.  (SHUV)

This is the Lesson of the Staff of Life, or the Staff of Death.  In contrast, Adonai commanded a bronze serpent, an ancient worship symbol at that time, to be affixed to Moses’ staff and then lifted high, in view of all who were mortally bitten by vipers, as judgement for their continued lack of faith.  When the bronze serpent was lifted high, there was healing.  The same staff was used in two different ways; lifted in obedience by Moses from the plagues of Egypt to the parting of the Red Sea and through the wilderness wanderings; or, pointed in personal judgement over others as he struck the rocks twice instead of repeating the words of Adonai, until water gushed forth for the Nation.

This is the Lesson of the Staff of Life, or the Staff of Death.  The final ONE lifted high to bring life instead of death, was Jesus the Messiah.  Affixed to the Father’s stake, His obedience on the cross brought eternal LIFE over DEATH.  He became sin and death for us; His blood, the cleansing flow.  This was the final wooden staff of death which brought eternal life, making a way into the Father’s presence with its final reach, piercing the heavens.  May our priestly staff bud with new life, as we look heavenward, from whence our help comes from!


On this Sabbath evening, may we personally reflect on times when we have taken too much on ourselves in an effort to circumvent our situation.  How did these circumstances unfold, versus times when the situation took us to our knees, and we released our fears or desires to the Lord for His best plans to unfold?  May we be able to lift our faith in the ONE who was lifted high for us, for all time, and trust fully in the Lord for all our needs tonight and for this Sabbath rest to come.  It is by lifting high our Messiah, in our hearts and minds, which brings life, light, and love into our journey with Him.

Shabbat Shalom!  Rest in His Peace ~



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