(Genesis 28:10-32:3) Week Seven

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Only the Divine Carpenter will lower the ladder all the way to that place where each of us stands in the midst of our own personal Beit El, (House of God) and heaven comes down to awaken us! At the moment these words of truth hit the atmosphere and became visible puffs of crystalline pearls from heaven, I saw the day in 1971 when Adonai lowered the Ladder of Love down to me.  I sat perched atop a bar stool reading my new Living Bible, as my infant son slept in the nursery; sleeping so deeply, as his young mother was awakened!

In the twinkling of an eye, my slumber ended.  I was fully awakened by the outstretched arms of the Messiah.  I see the moment my eyes opened wide onto the page and the words in my new Living Bible.  The words sounded the Shofar in my heart, awakening me from my slumber!

The Lesson of the Ladder of Love is for each of us.  This is not a story just for Jacob.  The Lord showed forth His compassion and glory this morning to me, as I ran and prayed over the Parashah.  This ladder from heaven was constructed by Jesus the Messiah for all who will ascend.  His ladder is lowered moment by moment, for new sons and daughters of the Kingdom who will come; who will climb!

This is the Lesson of the Ladder of Love, and it is for you, dear seeker!  Have you been awakened by the Messiah?  Has He descended from heaven on His Ladder of Love, built by His own hands; the hands of the Divine Carpenter, to save you?

This is the Lesson of the Ladder of Love, which teaches us the moment of awakening becomes our personal Beit El (House of God).  This is holy ground, where Adonai promises to return, also bringing our descendants to their awakening.  He promises in His words to Jacob and to us, to complete every detail of His Covenant, in and through us.



This lesson is simply…the Gospel Story!

May we meditate on that moment when we saw the Ladder of Love come down, and Messiah reach out for us with His eternal love.

Where was your Beit El?  Sing, write, and weave your own testimony of The Ladder of Love which came down for you!

On this blessed Shabbat evening, invite the Lord to help you remember your Beit El where The Ladder of Love  was lowered for you.

On this blessed Shabbat evening, if you have not established the Beit El or House of God in your own life, do it right now!

Invite the Messiah to lower His ladder of love from heaven for you…and CLIMB!

Shabbat Shalom, dear people of the Ladder of Love!



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