(Genesis 23:1-25:18) Week Five

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The story of the life of Sarah ironically begins with her death (Parashah Chayei Sarah)! In order to understand the irony of this Torah portion we must see that Sarah’s life with Abraham had a new beginning, with the conception of Isaac.  Sarah’s living stitches on the tapestry design began with the miraculous birth of her son, Isaac.  Her place on the tapestry is recorded in the fluid stitches of purple, the color of royalty from the bloodline of King David, leading to the birth of Messiah.  The finest, rarest purple thread was thrust through the needle and into the ink-stained linen on which Adonai stamped His design and made Covenant with Abraham.

If we can see with the good eyes (Ayin Tovah) of the Spirit, this design takes on form and shape as the pages of Torah turn.  We will be compelled to read every word, see every ink stain of design on this fine linen cloud.  God’s own story is written stitch by exquisite stitch as His pattern of creation and history begins to take shape as His Divine Design.

Like the life of Sarah, Rebekah’s life took on a new beginning at the point Adonai anointed her life as His needle, in the puncturing of the tapestry with the purple thread in a design which would lead to the Messiah.  Abraham’s deep faith caused him to seek the tapestry for the covenant with his own life and the life of his son, Isaac.  Isaac was the son of the Spirit, ordained by Adonai.  This miraculous part of the covenant moved Abraham to make a journey, through Eliezer his faithful servant, in search of a bride for Isaac.

As we read the story of Eliezer’s journey to Mesopotamia in obedience to his Master Abraham, Eliezer breathes out the prayers to Adonai at the well, for guidance in finding the anointed bride.  The prayerful words manifested in the appearance of the chosen Rebekah, who drew life-giving water to take back to her home on that day, and also compassionately offered to draw the water for Eliezer and his camels.  The drawing of over one-hundred forty gallons of water was no small service by Rebekah.  The colorful purple thread, having punctured once again the Lord’s finest linen now weaved a design of rippling water at the well, drawn by the beautiful Rebekah.

The tapestry design takes on full color as Eliezer expounds upon the story of his Master Abraham’s command, of the resting at the well, of the words of his own prayers to Adonai for help, and finally of the fullness of the story as the supernatural appearance of Rebekah and her bottomless jug of spring water brings light and lessons of God’s goodness to the listeners.  It is in the retelling of Eliezer’s testimony to Rebekah’s family that the supernatural design continued to unfold.  They joyfully gave her hand in marriage to Isaac!

This is the Lesson of the Power of our Testimony.  This lesson is taught to us by Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Eliezer and Rebecca.  The Lesson of the Power of their Testimony was lived out loud with each of their obedient footsteps, in their memorial altars built to Adonai, in the sharing of their laughter because of blessings, and by the miraculous answers to their prayers spoken out into the atmosphere.

This is the Lesson of the Power of our Testimony.  Our testimonies inspire others to trust God to bring His Divine Design from heaven into the physical realm, from what was stamped on the tapestry pattern in the spirit, now to be made manifest today as history, recorded by our written and oral testimony.  The power of our testimony is important to be shared, exhorted, written, and stitched into the Weaver’s Design, which waits for our living stitches.

This is the Lesson of the Power of our Testimony.  The power of our testimony is eternally recorded.  May we be a Scribe for the Lord, writing of the power of our own stories for the Kingdom of God.  May we never be silent, but sing Hallelujah!



The power of our testimony may be in the work of our obedient hands, like Abraham’s altars to Adonai.  It may be in the telling and retelling of the story of our lives through a personal wilderness journey with God, which brought tears, and later laughter, as it did with Sarah.  It may be in the supernatural shifts in our lives when we knew we were to go the extra mile, not knowing where it would lead!

May we share our oral testimony of answered prayers so bold and brilliant that the manifestation of them became our new reality, as the last words were spoken to our Father in heaven. Even now in these days, written words of testimony of the journeys leading to our own personal Hallelujah is brought forth by His Spirit.

On this blessed Shabbat, be thankful and rest that the power of your testimony links you to Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Eliezer and Rebecca, and will be an eternal portrait of your faith, and the faith of your fathers and mothers.

Speak your Testimony!  Paint your Testimony!  Stitch your Testimony! Sing Hallelujah!

Shabbat Shalom, dearest needles from Heaven!





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