(Genesis 18:1-22:24) Week 4

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We see how Abraham walked with Adonai, not with others; therefore he was not immersed in the culture of the day.  Abraham understood what it meant to be called a Hebrew, from the other side, having crossed over into alignment with The Most-High God.  There, from a place of stepping ever so lightly, as a sojourner, Abraham waited on a word from the Lord; obeying at the slightest redirection to his path.

The Lesson of HINENI, HERE I AM LORD highlights the recorded response of Abraham to Adonai each time he heard the call of the Lord.  When Abraham responded to the Lord God Almighty’s call by saying, “Here I am Lord,” it was likened to a military response to the roll call.  Abraham was ready, at attention, alert to obey the command of Adonai.  We see the distinct difference between Abraham’s response to the Lord’s commands, versus Lot’s response to the two angels who came to save him and his family from the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.  Lot dallied, the scriptures say.  Lot’s family hesitated in disbelief.  Could there really be destruction on the horizon?  They were darkly dulled in their response to be led out of the city of slavery to sin.  The scriptures reveal how the angels had to take their hands and lead them out, as if those being led to safety were in a deep, mental stupor.

The Lesson of HINENI, HERE I AM LORD is galvanized by Abraham’s greatest test of faith, the Binding of Isaac. (Akedah)  The command was to bind his beloved son and offer him as a sacrifice on Mount Moriah.  There was no dallying, no dullness of action, no misunderstanding of the command.  Abraham moved out, taking Isaac and a donkey up the mountain, with the promise to his servants that they both would return after a sacrifice was made.  Abraham had complete confidence in the covenant Adonai had made with him.  Not only was Abraham tested on the journey up the mountain; Adonai was proven by the display of Abraham’s faith.  The test resulted in an eternal blessing of life by Adonai over Abraham and all his descendants.  The testing brought forth life!

The Lesson of  HINENI, HERE I AM LORD is the lesson for the sons and daughters of The Most-High who seek an intimate relationship with Him, and in our seeking, find Him!  We find Him perfect in His love, perfect in His presence, perfect in His provision and perfect in His promises to His children.  When we seek Him like this, we will find Him, and our lips will shout forth, “Here I am Lord!”  We want to be found by Adonai and called righteous by His lips!  In our bold moment of obedience Adonai will say, “Because you have done this, I will surely bless you!” 


When we are blessed by The Most-High, the goodness and blessings in our life from Adonai spills over onto all whom we love, just as we see the blessings from obedience for Abraham spilled over, abundantly, upon his descendants.

So may we shout, “HINENI, HERE I AM LORD” today and always, until that day, when we meet the Lord, face-to-face. (Panim el Panim)

We can rest on this Shabbat with faith!  There will be blessing, testing, and more blessing in our lives, especially when our heart’s reaction to His call is HINENI, HERE I AM LORD!

Shabbat Shalom dear seekers!




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