(Genesis 12:1-12-27) Week 3

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As we seek the truth in God’s word, we become intimately acquainted with the Patriarchs and Matriarchs whom Adonai chose to be the lead characters in His ~ Story.  There was something about Abraham that Adonai saw; something bold!  This was a young man who sought the one true God in the midst of a polytheistic culture.  This was a young man who looked for treasure in all the right places.  He had a sense and an intimate knowledge of God, which we call faith.

Can we see Abraham accepting the command from Adonai, as he gazes into his family home, but without hesitation, packs up his people and his belongings to follow where The Most High-God would lead?  This was extreme faith!  This was a faith that trusted the crossing over completely to Adonai, and to Him alone.

The command to circumcise all the males in Abraham’s lineage was given.  To cut, is associated with a covenant between honorable people of the ancient days.  There had to be a mutual blood sacrifice, as the promise was made to one another.  Thus, the covenant of circumcision or Brit-Milah was established for all time with the Nation of Israel.  To know as we do now, how the Messiah fulfilled the heavenly cut of the new and better covenant, brings us full circle.  Yeshua was cut for us, as the fullness of the law came alive in Him!

The Lesson of Crossing Over is the overarching lesson of Parashah Lekh L’kha.  Those who seek and know Adonai will hear His voice.  There will come a time of testing.   “Even gold is tested for genuineness by fire.  The purpose of these trials is so that your trust’s genuineness, which is far more valuable than perishable gold, will be judged worthy of praise, glory and honor at the revealing of Yeshua the Messiah.”  (1 Peter 1:7 CJB)

The Lesson of Crossing Over identifies us with the Hebrew life, or those who are from the other side.  We are from the other side.  We have crossed over from the old and into the new.  In obedience to God’s call upon our lives, we align ourselves with Adonai’s Kingdom army, and are commissioned to serve!  Like Abraham, after his crossing over, there was blessing, commissioning, and a war to fight!  Through it all, there was testing, blessing, and more testing.  We must be trained and tested, then commissioned into the Army of God.  May it be so!

The Lesson of Crossing Over ushers in new testimonies written upon white stones etched by the blessed hands of the Lord, having crossed over at His command to, “Get yourself out of your country, away from your kinsmen and away from your father’s house, and go to the land that I will show you.”  (Genesis 12:1 CJB)

Go forth!  Advance!  Be blessed, and be a blessing!



As Abraham followed where Adonai led, he set up altars of praise to memorialize all Adonai had promised and was delivering.  Abraham had the zeal to follow the Lord.  His trust in Adonai was deep and wide enough to usher in his crossing over.  It was only after Abraham’s obedient crossing, that Adonai called him righteous or Tzadik.

It was from the other side of the crossing that Adonai called forth the new Covenant with Abraham, as a sign of this promise to him and his future generations.  May we be like Abraham in our obedience to risk it all ~ to have it all in and through Adonai.  May we not be like Avram’s father Terach, who was also called out of the UR of Chaldees, but settled for LESS than God’s best by settling in a place which Terach deemed best, stopping far short of the boundary line which would have taken Terach into the promised Covenant Land of Milk and Honey!

On this blessed Sabbath, consider how your faith births good courage to go the distance, all the way as commanded, and into our destiny, with Him.

Shabbat Shalom!



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