(GENESIS 25:19-28:9) Week 6

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So she went to inquire of ADONAI, who answered her, “There are two nations in your womb.  From birth they will be two rival peoples.  One of these peoples will be stronger than the other, and the older will serve the younger.” (Genesis 25:22-23 CJB)

This was the revelation from Adonai to Rebecca as she sought the Lord, because of her twenty year, long-awaited and difficult pregnancy.  The pregnancy, which should have been all joy, had become like a battle zone inside her womb.  From the moment the sons were birthed and began to grow into their own personalities, they were polar opposites, by nature.

The story is ripe with unsavory family dynamics; like favoritism, polarizing differences, sibling rivalry, and manipulation.  Anyone reading this fantastic account in Torah will identify with some part of the story, simply from living a human existence in an imperfect family of origin. The tapestry design deepens as we see the sovereignty of Adonai in the swirling stitches of Isaac’s life and progeny.  Adonai created two opposing nations from within the womb of Rebecca!

This is The Lesson of the Two Nations.  The crux of the story is to be able to see the two warring natures inside each one of us; our flesh or Nefesh and our spirit or Neshama.  This is the lesson of succumbing to, or overthrowing the fleshly nature inside.  In His sovereignty, Adonai created mankind with free will.  In this freedom there must be accountability.  In Adonai’s sovereignty He revealed, “I am ADONAI, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.”  Adonai was the personal Lord and Master of the Patriarchs.  They called Him ADONAI, meaning, My Lord!!

This is the Lesson of the Two Nations. They reveal what our desires give weight to, honoring one nature which eventually overtakes the other.  Our mortal nature at times, feels stronger than our spiritual nature, as image-bearers of Adonai.  When this happens, our focus will be bound up in human desire, worldly interests and a growing disregard for the things of the Spirit.  We will fall easily into sin, because we are focused on what is of the world.  We will fail to stay on the other side of sin.  We may have true remorse, as Esau had for the dishonoring of his birthright.  We may beg, like Esau did in an effort to regain what he lost because of his lack of eternal perspective.  Can there be a true turning FROM, then a turning TO Adonai and His prescription for our life?  Are we tempted beyond our endurance, by the steaming bowl of spicy, red stew?

This is the Lesson of the Two Nations.  This is the illumination of our spiritual struggle!  It is real and it influences our families, communities, and the world around us.  Most of all, dear seeker, our struggle is the battleground where the sanctification of our souls must be hard fought, to be won!  As a royal priesthood set apart for Adonai, may we serve with all of our hearts, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  May we learn from their wilderness lessons, week by glorious week, and may we be strengthened!


On this blessed Sabbath or Shabbat, take time to picture the warring, unborn twins inside the matriarch of the young Jewish Nation, Rebecca.  In-so-doing, see a visual picture of our own hearts, as we make war in the Spirit for Adonai’s instructions and good plans for us to prosper and outshine our old natures.  Each of us has the freedom to choose whom we will serve; either our own FLESH or the SPIRIT of God within us.

Will we experience victory in our eternal spirit over the temptations which are part of every person’s wilderness journey; or will we succumb to our mortal nature, our Nefesh, who some refer to as the old man, which will place us in the role of serving our fleshly desires, instead of elevating us into our Priestly role as a Minister of the Most High?

Parashah TOLDOT is amazingly deep, yet so simple!  There are only two Kingdoms, two Kings and two Choices!  May we see with clarity the simplicity of the Lesson of the Two Nations, and may it embolden the Spirit of God within us.  Choose the Kingdom of LIFE!

Shabbat Shalom dear seekers,




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