A Journey for Messianic Christians, 5782

Welcome to this Journey of the Spirit, the study of the Garden of God’s Torah as described by Adonai Himself.  Think of the Garden of Eden, in all its beauty.  The Torah brings beauty into the lives of faithful Talmidim, or Torah Students.

If you are hungering for the truest words of instruction, from the language which was deep inside our Lord and Savior as He grew up as a Jew speaking Hebrew, living a Jewish life, learning the Torah in the Temple, observing the sacred Jewish Feasts, then, it is He who calls you to this.

Each one of us who have been called at this time and place to enter onto a well-worn path of seeking His deepest truths, is becoming aligned with God’s will for our lives.  When we dig deeply, making a well-worn path to the father’s throne each day, we are fulfilling our eternal destiny!

We were created for true worship and intimacy with the God of Creation.

Our journey over the next 12 months together will bind us into a community of trusted friends, or mereas.  We will share this year as Kingdom Women who have been called to step up to a holy journey, leading us into a deeper knowledge of Adonai’s character and the many facets of His Power, Presence, and Pre-Eminence, as expounded upon throughout the pages of the Books of Moses! (The Pentateuch)

As mereas journeying together each week into the sacred Torah, the Prophets, the Books of Wisdom, and the New Testament (Brit Chadashah) we will support and teach one another, sharing what the Holy Spirit (Ruach Ha Kodesh) is imparting to each one of us.

The journey looks like spheres within spheres!  In the inner-most sphere is our Holy Communion with Adonai, the outward sphere depicts our growing relationships, as fruitfulness is birthed from our closeness to the Lord, and the final outer sphere is our fruitful discipleship with those around us!  Torah changes us, and those we love, because Holy Fire Catches what is nearest to it on FIRE!

Helpful Hebrew Words:

Torah: The Way to Go! (The root word YAREH, an archery term, meaning to HIT THE MARK)

Merea: Trusted Friend who feeds, tends and nourishes

Elohenu:  God of Creation

Ruach Ha Kodesh:  Holy Spirit

Adonai:  My Lord!!!

Shema: To Hear and Obey

Yeshua Ha Massiach: Messiah Yeshua (Jesus)

Shamar: To Guard, to Cultivate

Nacash: Serpent (to diligently observe)

Chesed: Faithful Love of God

Havah:  Spring of Life

Shabbat:  Divine Rest

Chatta’ah:  Sin (to miss the mark)

Shalom: The Peace of God

Hallakah: Our Walk

Midrash: To make a well~worn path

Ashah: To Bear Fruit

Mitzvot: Laws or Instructions

Tefillah: Prayer (Self Examination)


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