(Ruth 1:1-4:22)

How appropriate that the book of Ruth is tucked sweetly behind “The Song of Songs” in the Old Testament.  The most dramatic of all love stories as described in “The Song of Songs” leads our way into the Book of Ruth; a sweet story of redemptive love and the outpouring of promises made and promises kept!

We pause this week before beginning the Book of Deuteronomy (D’Varim) to read the Book of Ruth, which is an annual delight for Torah lovers.  The overarching theme of the Book of Ruth is stitched together by the faithful love of Adonai for individual people, and their faith in Him, as a bitter journey takes His ordained turn, and becomes a blessing.  There is so much hope                                                          hidden in the Book of Ruth for today and always.

We know that God’s Word is alive!  By turning the pages of the Bible week after week and year after year, we are living proof of God’s Word, which is alive, recorded for us today.  How could I have never seen before, all that I see this year in the Book of Ruth?  It is because God’s Word meets us exactly where we are in life, as we immerse in it.  His Word has no boundaries, and will expand right before our eyes as our knowledge expands into it!  This is supernatural and of His Spirit.

As you read the Book of Ruth (meaning friendship), be sensitive to specific words spoken by the main characters in the story.  Words richly woven by PROMISES, VOWS, BLESSINGS, AND CLAIMS OF BLESSINGS.

The artistic outpouring of faithful love (Chesed) woven throughout the story of Ruth demonstrates Adonai’s secret prescription for turning a bitter journey into a blessed destination, with a sweet ending.  Who among does not desire to learn of this prescription from heaven?

When the love of the Lord spills out of the hearts of His people, forgiveness, redemption, faithfulness and love will flow, as sweet as honey, as strong as iron, and as beautiful as purest gold, from the relationships which weave our own stories.  Everyone loves a good story with a sweet ending!  This describes the Book of Ruth.  Could it describe your journey to your own personal hallelujah?  Read the heartfelt VOW of Ruth to Naomi, and moreover to Adonai.

Don’t press me to leave you and stop following you;

For where you go, I will go;

And wherever you stay, I will stay;

Your people will be my people

And your God will be my God.

Where you die; I will die;

And there I will be buried.

May ADONAI bring terrible curses on me, and worse ones as well, if anything but death

Separates you and me. (Ruth 16-17 CJB)


When we place our trust in the sovereign love of Adonai, no matter how bitter the journey we may be walking out, there will be blessings at the end of our wilderness walk with Him.  May we learn of the deep, hidden secrets in God’s Word, which point like a laser light beam into His goodness, His mercy, and His delight to bless, not curse His children.  We must make the long journey to know Him like this!

The love of the Father is stunningly clear in Torah.  By loving Him and entering His courts with praise, we invoke His delight over our lives.  Blessings follow obedient footsteps.  May you be richly blessed by the Book of Ruth in this season of crossing over.  In last week’s Torah lesson, the children of Israel were commanded to dispossess all that was not of Adonai or His ways, as they made their entry into the promised land.  We too, may invoke the Lord’s blessings as we cross over into our destiny.  We must proclaim His character and faithful love, as we become the hands and feet of His delightful goodness, out into a world marked by spiritual famine and a great falling away, just as in the days of the Judges of Israel.

Shabbat Shalom, dear Treasured People.  May you journey from ashes to beauty, in the dusty footsteps of Messiah!



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